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Limerick City and County Council - The Results

Limerick City and County Council - The Results

Seventeen new councillors from home and abroad were elected to Limerick City and County, making it one of the most diverse local authorities in the country, writes David Raleigh.

In the early hours of Monday, 50-year old, Abul Kalam Azad Talukder, secured one of the last of the 40 seats up for grabs.

It was a historic victory for Talukder, who is the first ever Bangladesh native and Muslim to be elected in Limerick.

“It is a dream come true. It is history. It doesn't come overnight or with dreams - you have to work at it,” he said.

It was a historic election for the Green Party too - the party securing their first ever Limerick council seats through sterling performances from Brian Leddin and Sean Hartigan.

“It’s huge, just huge,” Leddin offered afterwards.

Fine Gael welcomed five new recruits; Fianna Fáil introduced four newcomers; three new Independents joined the ranks; while Sinn Fein, Labour, and the Social Democrats, each brought one new face into the fold.

Seven sitting councillors did not seek re-election.

There were some big name casualties however, including Fine Gael’s Marian Hurley and Elenora Hogan, while Fianna Fáil lost Sean Lynch and Joe Pond.

Others who did not retain their seats were John Loftus, Non-Party and Mary Cahillane, Social Democrats.

Sinn Fein however lost three sitting councillors, Malachy McCreesh, Seamus Browne, and 2014 poll-topper Seighin O’Ceallaigh.

Their losses may have been down to “voter apathy” and the “Green surge” felt O’Ceallaigh.

Familiar faces return with Labour’s Joe Leddin, Fianna Fail’s James Collins and Kieran O’Hanlon, and Fine Gael’s Jerome Scanlan, Liam Galvin, and Michael Collins, among others.

Although the personnel may be different, the party representations remain somewhat similar going forward.

Limerick County Council
Fine Gael34%1.46%14
Fianna Fáil27%-0.81%12
Sinn Féin6%-6.96%2
Social Democrats3%2.81%1
Green Party5%4.94%2
Adare - Rathkeale 6 Seats
Total Poll:12,603
Spoiled votes:184
Total Valid Poll:12,419
Elected Candidates
Keary , Stephen (FG)Count 1
Teskey , Adam (FG)Count 1
O'Donoghue , Richard (Ind)Count 2
O'Brien , Emmett (Ind)Count 5
Collins , Bridie (FF)Count 7
Sheahan , Kevin (FF)Count 7
Count 1
Collins , Bridie (FF)986
Keary , Stephen (FG)2,082
Keogh , Mark (DDI)117
O'Brien , Emmett (Ind)1,566
O'Dea , Trina (FF)762
O'Donoghue , Richard (Ind)1,751
Putt , Mike (DDI)32
Sheahan , Kevin (FF)1,246
Storey , Theresa (GP)538
Teskey , Adam (FG)2,459
Walsh , Leo (FG)880
Cappamore - Kilmallock 7 Seats
Total Poll:15,505
Spoiled votes:268
Total Valid Poll:15,237
Elected Candidates
Ryan , Martin (FF)Count 1
Teefy , Brigid (Ind)Count 1
Ryan , Eddie (FF)Count 3
Mitchell , Gerald (FG)Count 8
Carey , P.J. (Ind)Count 9
Donegan , Michael (FF)Count 9
Egan , John (FG)Count 9
Count 1
Carey , P.J. (Ind)777
Conway , Greg (FG)1,052
Donegan , Michael (FF)935
Egan , John (FG)1,216
Hickey , Jim (SF)803
Hogan , Shane (AON)484
McCarthy , Trevor (SD)692
Meagher , Joseph (FF)627
Mitchell , Gerald (FG)1,306
O'Gorman , John (Ind)106
Ryan , Eddie (FF)1,822
Ryan , Martin (FF)2,157
Stokes , Noreen (FG)840
Teefy , Brigid (Ind)2,420
Limerick City East 7 Seats
Total Poll:11,295
Spoiled votes:257
Total Valid Poll:11,038
Elected Candidates
Hartigan , Seán (GP)Count 6
Secas , Elena (Lab)Count 8
Murphy , Michael (FG)Count 10
Slattery , Catherine (FF)Count 10
Kiely , Sarah (FG)Count 11
O'Dea , Jerry (FF)Count 11
Sheahan , Michael (FG)Count 11
Count 1
Hannan , Noel (Ind)273
Hartigan , Seán (GP)1,094
Hennelly , Sarah Jane (SD)517
Hurley , Marian (FG)687
Keller , Paul (Sol-PBP)340
Kiely , Sarah (FG)789
Mulcahy , Derek (Ind)117
Murphy , Michael (FG)1,157
O'Dea , Jerry (FF)803
Pond , Joe (FF)837
Ryan , Diarmuid (Ind)26
Ryan , Michael (AON)722
Secas , Elena (Lab)1,162
Sheahan , Michael (FG)811
Slattery , Catherine (FF)1,188
Ó Ceallaigh , Séighin (SF)515
Limerick City North 7 Seats
Total Poll:12,106
Spoiled votes:294
Total Valid Poll:11,812
Elected Candidates
Daly , Frankie (Ind)Count 1
Leddin , Brian (GP)Count 4
O'Hanlon , Kieran (FF)Count 12
O'Sullivan , Olivia (FG)Count 16
Benson , Sharon (SF)Count 18
Costelloe , John (SF)Count 18
Sheehan , Conor (Lab)Count 18
Count 1
Benson , Sharon (SF)570
Cahillane , Mary (Sol-PBP)371
Clarke , Ruth (Ind)180
Costelloe , John (SF)751
Cronin , Anne (Lab)282
Daly , Frankie (Ind)1,861
Hayes , Des (Ind)124
Kiely , Kevin (Ind)252
Leddin , Brian (GP)1,397
McCarthy , Denis (FG)260
McInerney , Christy (FF)316
McSherry , Eleanor (FG)457
Nugent , John (SF)342
O'Connor , Brian (FG)317
O'Donnell , Maeve (AON)278
O'Hanlon , Kieran (FF)1,228
O'Neill , Pat (FF)644
O'Sullivan , Olivia (FG)880
Quinn , Dean (Ind)448
Sheehan , Conor (Lab)582
Walsh , Kieran (SD)272
Limerick City West 7 Seats
Total Poll:10,801
Spoiled votes:214
Total Valid Poll:10,587
Elected Candidates
Collins , James (FF)Count 1
Butler , Daniel (FG)Count 2
Leddin , Joe (Lab)Count 13
Kilcoyne , Fergus (Ind)Count 14
McSweeney , Dan (FG)Count 14
O'Donovan , Elisa (SD)Count 14
Talukder , Abul Kalam Azad (FF)Count 14
Count 1
Butler , Daniel (FG)1,316
Carey , Mark (Ind)94
Collins , James (FF)1,375
Duruagwu , Sunnymartins (Ind)216
Fitzgibbon , Julian (AON)397
Hogan , Elenora (FG)681
Kilcoyne , Fergus (Ind)750
Leddin , Joe (Lab)919
Loftus , John (Ind)44
Long , Jim (Ind)285
Lynch , Sean (FF)591
MacGabhann , Breandán Anraoi (GP)610
McCarthy , Cathal (Ind)192
McCreesh , Malachy (SF)558
McSweeney , Dan (FG)638
Morrissey , Jamie (Ind)191
Ní Shíomóin , Seónaidh (Sol-PBP)449
O'Donovan , Elisa (SD)584
Talukder , Abul Kalam Azad (FF)697
Newcastle West 6 Seats
Total Poll:12,714
Spoiled votes:195
Total Valid Poll:12,519
Elected Candidates
Collins , Micheal (FF)Count 1
Galvin , Liam (FG)Count 1
Scanlan , Jerome (FG)Count 1
Sheahan , John (FG)Count 5
Foley , Francis (FF)Count 6
Ruddle , Tom (FG)Count 6
Count 1
Browne , Séamus (SF)861
Collins , Micheal (FF)2,193
Dalton , John (REN)211
Foley , Francis (FF)1,160
Galvin , Liam (FG)2,124
Kelly , Christy (Ind)477
O'Donoghue , Conor (AON)255
O'Mahony , Sean (Ind)22
Ruddle , Tom (FG)1,201
Scanlan , Jerome (FG)2,512
Sheahan , John (FG)1,503

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