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Kildare County Council - The Results

Results from all the various electoral areas in this council area will be displayed here.

We will be supplying first count results and listing all those elected and on which count for each electoral area as soon as we have them.

Kildare County Council
Fine Gael25%2.56%11
Fianna Fáil26%-1.06%12
Sinn Féin4%-7.66%1
Social Democrats7%6.70%4
Green Party7%6.09%3
Athy 5 Seats
Total Poll:9,449
Spoiled votes:219
Total Valid Poll:9,230
Elected Candidates
Wall, Mark (Lab)Count 1
Breslin, Aoife (Lab)Count 2
Keatley, Ivan (FG)Count 3
Behan, Veralouise (FF)Count 8
Dooley, Brian (FF)Count 8
Count 1
Behan, Veralouise (FF)544
Breslin, Aoife (Lab)1,428
Dooley, Brian (FF)963
Kane, Emmet (FF)561
Keatley, Ivan (FG)1,476
Kenny, Samantha (SD)251
McNamee, Tony (Ind)532
O'Keeffe, Ciara (FG)443
Redmond, Thomas (SF)543
Wall, Mark (Lab)2,489
Celbridge 4 Seats
Total Poll:6,803
Spoiled votes:133
Total Valid Poll:6,670
Elected Candidates
Coleman, Michael (FF)Count 1
Cussen, Íde (Ind)Count 8
Galvin, Ciara (Lab)Count 8
Liston, Vanessa (GP)Count 8
Count 1
Beirne, Michael (Ind)314
Coleman, Michael (FF)1,493
Cussen, Íde (Ind)842
Galvin, Ciara (Lab)663
Kavanagh, Peter (Ind)269
Liston, Vanessa (GP)814
Marken, Stephen (SD)650
Monks, John Paul (SF)181
Murray, Tony (Ind)152
Slattery, Philip (FG)582
Young, Brendan (Ind)710
Clane 5 Seats
Total Poll:8,478
Spoiled votes:168
Total Valid Poll:8,310
Elected Candidates
Fitzpatrick, Daragh (FF)Count 5
Weld, Brendan (FG)Count 5
McEvoy, Pádraig (Ind)Count 8
Farrelly, Aidan (SD)Count 9
Wyse, Brendan (FG)Count 10
Count 1
Farrelly, Aidan (SD)1,063
Fitzpatrick, Daragh (FF)1,173
Gibbs, Marc (SF)382
Hallissey, Eoin (GP)600
Hogan, Thomas (Ind)279
Keenan, Daniel (FF)350
Langan, Seamus (FG)731
McEvoy, Pádraig (Ind)1,118
O'Connor, Una (AON)317
Weld, Brendan (FG)1,255
Wyse, Brendan (FG)852
Ó Riain, Séamus (REN)190
Kildare 5 Seats
Total Poll:7,699
Spoiled votes:161
Total Valid Poll:7,538
Elected Candidates
Doyle, Suzanne (FF)Count 1
Connolly, Anne (FF)Count 2
Duffy, Kevin (FG)Count 4
Stafford, Mark (FG)Count 5
Ryan, Patricia (SF)Count 7
Count 1
Connolly, Anne (FF)1,242
Crowe, Declan (Ind)671
Doyle, Suzanne (FF)1,847
Duffy, Kevin (FG)1,102
Hutchinson, Paul (Lab)499
Newman, Colette (GP)512
Ryan, Patricia (SF)680
Stafford, Mark (FG)985
Leixlip 3 Seats
Total Poll:6,336
Spoiled votes:86
Total Valid Poll:6,250
Elected Candidates
Neville, Joe (FG)Count 1
Caldwell, Bernard (FF)Count 5
Killeen, Nuala (SD)Count 5
Count 1
Beades, Mairéad (Lab)627
Caldwell, Bernard (FF)1,057
Colton, Valerie (FF)639
Doyle, Anthony (SF)149
Gill, Sean (Ind)84
Kenny, Jason (GP)185
Killeen, Nuala (SD)1,000
Larkin, Anthony (Ind)859
Neville, Joe (FG)1,596
Reidy, Michael (Ind)54
Maynooth 5 Seats
Total Poll:8,365
Spoiled votes:187
Total Valid Poll:8,178
Elected Candidates
Ó Cearúil, Naoise (FF)Count 2
Durkan, Tim (FG)Count 4
Feeney, Angela (Lab)Count 4
Hamilton, Peter (GP)Count 4
Ward, Paul (FF)Count 4
Count 1
Cronin, Réada (SF)510
Durkan, Tim (FG)1,099
Feeney, Angela (Lab)1,100
Hamilton, Peter (GP)931
Mulligan, Rioana 'Oni' (FG)949
Murray, Teresa (Ind)832
Reid, John (Ind)112
Ward, Paul (FF)1,304
Ó Cearúil, Naoise (FF)1,341
Naas 7 Seats
Total Poll:12,436
Spoiled votes:261
Total Valid Poll:12,175
Elected Candidates
Martin, Vincent P. (GP)Count 4
Sammon, Evie (FG)Count 9
Breen, Anne (Lab)Count 10
Brett, Fintan (FG)Count 10
Clear, Bill (SD)Count 10
Kelly, Carmel (FF)Count 10
Moore, Seamie (Ind)Count 10
Count 1
Breen, Anne (Lab)917
Brett, Fintan (FG)1,269
Carpenter, Fergus (Lab)845
Clear, Bill (SD)925
Dignan, Terence (FF)285
Dunne, Gerard (Ind)436
Flynn, Niall (SF)275
Kelly, Carmel (FF)950
Larkin, Brian (FF)1,004
Martin, Vincent P. (GP)1,462
Merriman, Ashling (Sol-PBP)314
Moore, Seamie (Ind)971
O'Neill, Sorcha (Ind)431
Sammon, Evie (FG)1,211
Scully, Darren (FG)880
Newbridge 6 Seats
Total Poll:10,485
Spoiled votes:217
Total Valid Poll:10,268
Elected Candidates
McLoughlin, Fiona (Ind)Count 1
O'Dwyer, Peggy (FG)Count 8
Heavey, Noel (FF)Count 11
O'Dwyer, Tracey (FG)Count 11
Pender, Chris (SD)Count 11
Power, Robert (FF)Count 11
Count 1
Aspell, Murty (FF)515
Buckley, Antoinette (FF)590
Connolly, Enda (GP)441
Connolly, Noel (SF)340
Delaney, Gerard (Ind)106
Dempsey, Tom (FG)475
Heavey, Noel (FF)732
McCabe, Morgan (Ind)419
McLoughlin, Fiona (Ind)2,331
Molyneaux, Damian (AON)319
O'Dwyer, Peggy (FG)1,061
O'Dwyer, Tracey (FG)998
O'Reilly, Ciara (Lab)206
Pender, Chris (SD)711
Power, Robert (FF)1,024

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