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Kerry County Council - The Results

Listowel: Fine Gael has succeeded in returning three councillors to Kerry County Council, following the conclusion of the count in the Listowel Electoral Area.

Sinn Fein also bucked national trends, retaining two councillors in Listowel - a first election victory for Councillor Tom Barry, who was co-opted onto the council to fill the vacancy created when Diane Nolan stood down.

He joins long-serving Sinn Fein councillor Robert Beasley, who was also re-elected. This was the Ballybunion native's sixth election to contest. He failed to get elected in 1974 but has successfully contested every election since.

The last three candidates, Tom Barry, Michael Foley (Fine Gael) and Jimmy Moloney (Fianna Fail) were deemed elected without having reached the quota.

It was heartbreak for Fianna Fail Councillor John Lucid, whose elimination at the seventh count paved the way for the others’ election.

This was Mr Lucid’s first time to contest an election. He had been co-opted onto Kerry County Council to fill the vacancy created by Kerry TD John Brassil’s election to the Dail.

Though he had polled better than his running mate, Jimmy Moloney on first preferences, transfers were more favourable to the latter.

It was a great result for Fine Gael, who earlier returned Councillor Aoife Thornton and Mike Kennelly, who were both elected on the first count having exceeded the quota.

Councillor Thornton said she was “extremely honoured” and “proud” to have been elected, revealing she almost withdrew her name because of family commitments.

“I’ve had a huge number of supporters canvassing for me since February and without them it would not have been possible and I don’t want to underestimate the enormous commitment that a local election is.

“I have three young children under the age of five and I had considered not running because it was putting my family under pressure but I had huge support,” she said.

Michael Foley will be a new member to the team on Kerry County Council. The Ballylongford man replaces Councillor Liam Purtill, who did not contest this election.

The Listowel Electoral Area went from being a seven-seat constituency in 2014 to a six-seater following the redrawing of the boundaries.

Aishling Beasley was at the count centre in John Mitchels GAA complex in Tralee, celebrating the election of her two uncles - Robert Beasley and Tom Barry.

Kenmare: Three councillors have been elected onto Kerry County Council on the first count in the Kenmare LEA, writes Anne Lucey.

The three include Johnny Healy-Rae, aged 34, the eldest son of Danny Healy-Rae, TD. Johnny Healy-Rae topped the poll with 3,023 first preference votes – 1,073 votes clear of the quota of 1,950.

Full results from all the various electoral areas in this council area are listed below these summaries.

Two Fianna Fail Councillors – Michael Cahill and Norma Moriarty have also exceeded the quota.

A further three seats are to be filled.

Aged 34 it is the second such extraordinary performance for the Kilgarvan family this weekend.

Johnny Healy Rae. Picture: Don MacMonagle
Johnny Healy Rae. Picture: Don MacMonagle

Yesterday, his first cousin Jackie aged 24, son of Michael was elected in the first count in Castleisland where he polled 2,621 first preferences with the quota at 1,837.

Johnny, director of the family plant hire company, was co-opted onto Kerry County Council in 2011 on the election of his uncle Michael as a TD for Kerry South.

Married to Caroline, they have two children– his eldest child Maggie celebrated her fourth birthday today, Sunday.

One of the ablest of the younger Healy-Raes, he is one of the best performers in Kerry County Council and never misses a meeting.

Killarney / Kenmare: Counting got underway at 9am in Killarney this morning for the Killarney and the Kenmare Local electoral areas ( LEAs) However the first count in both will not be in until later this afternoon at the earliest, writes Ann Lucey.

In Killarney Maura Healy-Rae, the 28-year-old daughter of TD Danny, co-opted onto Kerry County Council in 2016 when Danny was elected to the Dail looks set to double the quota and repeat her father's performance in 2014 on what is her first election. Final tallies put Maura at 3,049 that is 1,489 over the estimated quota of 1,560.

Full results from all the various electoral areas in this council area are listed below these summaries.

Second highest is Michael Gleeson, the Kerry Independent Alliance at 1959 first preference votes.

Third is Brendan Cronin ( Ind) at 1,493 and yet another independent sitting councillor Donal Grady is at 1,305 .

Sitting councillor Niall Kelleher of Fianna Fail is at 1226 and he is followed by candidate Niall O'Callaghan at 1,063,

Former Labour senator Marie Moloney is at 857 while the outgoing Fine Gael councillor, the only Fine Gael councillor in the race is at 826, according to t he tallies.

Sinn Fein candidate John Buckley is at 479 on what is his second attempt at a council seat; the second Fianna Fail candidate Neily O'Connor is at 271.

In the Kenmare area where the estimated quota is 1,941 the tallies put Johnny Healy-Rae, son of Danny Healy-Rae and an outgoing councillor at ( Ind) 3,042.

He is followed by outgoing Fianna Fail councillor Michael Cahill at 2,196 ; and the second Fianna Fail candidate and outgoing councillor and general election candidate Norma Moriarty based in Waterville is at 1,948 , while the third Fianna Fail candidate John Francis Flynn, FF , at the extreme north eastern end of the area is 1,378

The Fine Gael candidate and outgoing councillor Patrick Connor Scarteen is at 1,296. He is followed by sitting councillor Dan McCarthy. Both are from the Kenmare town area of the LEA. Sitting Sinn Fein councillor Damian Quigg has polled just 775 and looks set to lose his seat if the tallies bear up.

Among the other candidates, Cleo Murphy, Green Party, has polled a very respectable 661 on her first day out, according to the tallies.

Josh Crowley Holland Labour is at 363

There are two other Fine Gael candidates - Patrick Lyne FG is at 444 and Donie Rua O'Sullivan FG is at 417.

Tralee: An uncle and his nephew-in-law have both been elected to Kerry County Council in the Tralee Electoral Area.

Voters in Tralee electoral returned two Fianna Fail, two Sinn Fein, and one Fine Gael, Labour and Independent candidates to Kerry County Council.

Voting concluded at 6.45pm with Independent Councillor Sam Locke taking the last seat having not reached the quota, pipping the Green Party’s Anne-Marie Fuller to the post by 379 votes.

Earlier that afternoon, Sinn Fein Councillor Pa Daly was re-elected on the 12th count, taking the sixth seat behind Jim Finucane (Fine Gael) and Mikey Sheehy Jnr (Fianna Fail), who were both elected on the 11th count.

Sheehy is the son of eight times All-Ireland winning footballer, Mikey Sheey, and a parliamentary secretary to Kerry TD John Brassil.

He is also a nephew-in-law of Councillor Finucane, whose wife Sheila (nee Sheehy) is his aunt.

“We’ve a bipartisan approach in the Sheehy family,” the father of three joked.

“But I’m from a Fianna Fáil family. My granddad, Jim Sheehy, was a Fianna Fail man through and through,” he added.

Mayor of Kerry Norma Foley topped the poll in Tralee, comfortably exceeding the quota on the first count.

She was followed by Sinn Féin Councillor Toireasa Ferris and then by Labour Councillor Terry O’Brien, who was elected on the seventh count,

However, Labour failed to retain a second seat in the Tralee area.

Councillor O’Brien said he didn’t know what happened to the Spring vote.

“I don’t doubt that there’s a Spring vote there and I would have got some of it but it’s a very big vote.

“They’re a very respected family in Tralee and still on the doorsteps you get asked how they are,” he said.

Sinn Féin Councillor and Tralee-based solicitor Pa Daly said his victory was slightly bittersweet because they failed to win a third seat and get Cathal Foley over the line.

“But because of the solidarity we have I got 500 of his over 700 votes and I suppose Cathal coming into the race so late didn’t help him but at the same time we got about 25 percent of the vote,” he said.

No sitting councillor failed to get returned to Kerry County Council in Tralee. However, two former Tralee councillors, who contested the Local Elections in the new Castleisland Electoral Area, Tom McEllistrim (Fianna Fail) and Pat McCarthy (Fine Gael), both lost out this time round.

Mr McEllistrim is a former TD and his family has been to the fore in politics in Kerry since 1923.

Castleisland: Jackie Healy-Rae Jnr has been elected to Kerry County Council on the first count for the Castleisland electoral area with a massive 2,621 votes - 784 votes over the 1,837 quota. Read more here.

Corca Dhuibhne: The results of the Corca Dhuibhne electoral area in Kerry have been confirmed, following a full re-check of votes.

Deputy returning officer, Michael Scannell formally declared the candidates shortly after 9pm in the order they had been elected, confirming Councillor Michael O’Shea (Fianna Fail), Breandan Fitzgerald (Fianna Fail) and Councillor Seamus Cosai Fitzgerald (Fine Gael) had been elected in the three-seat electoral area.

Only 56 votes had separated Fine Gael candidates, Councillor Fitzgerald and Tommy Griffin from Castlemaine, a first cousin of Minister of State for Transport and Tourism, Brendan Griffin.

Though Griffin had polled better in first preferences with 1,251 votes compared to Fitzgerald’s 1,006, the geographical location of five of the seven candidates on the Dingle Peninsula rather than the periphery worked in the latter’s favour when it came to transfers.

Results from all the various electoral areas in this council area will be displayed below. We will be supplying first count results and listing all those elected and on which count for each electoral area as soon as we have them.

Kerry County Council
Fine Gael22%0.00%7
Fianna Fáil26%3.57%10
Sinn Féin13%-1.52%4
Social Democrats0%0.00%0
Green Party3%3.09%0
Castleisland 4 Seats
Total Poll:9,288
Spoiled votes:107
Total Valid Poll:9,181
Elected Candidates
Healy-Rae , Jackie (Ind)Count 1
Farrelly , Charlie (Ind)Count 2
Fitzgerald , Fionnán (FF)Count 4
O'Connell , Bobby (FG)Count 4
Count 1
Farrelly , Charlie (Ind)1,668
Fitzgerald , Fionnán (FF)1,037
Healy-Rae , Jackie (Ind)2,621
Mc Ellistrim , Thomas (FF)628
Mc Sweeney , Kate (SF)973
McCarthy , Pat (FG)795
O'Connell , Bobby (FG)1,459
Corca Dhuibhne 3 Seats
Total Poll:7,584
Spoiled votes:93
Total Valid Poll:7,491
Elected Candidates
O'Shea , Michael D. (FF)Count 3
Fitzgerald , Breandán (FF)Count 4
Fitzgerald , Séamus Cosaí (FG)Count 5
Count 1
Brosnan , Robert (SF)833
Fitzgerald , Breandán (FF)1,280
Fitzgerald , Michael (GP)777
Fitzgerald , Séamus Cosaí (FG)1,006
Griffin , Tommy (FG)1,251
O'Shea , Michael D. (FF)1,680
Russell , David (Ind)664
Kenmare 6 Seats
Total Poll:13,788
Spoiled votes:142
Total Valid Poll:13,646
Elected Candidates
Cahill , Michael (FF)Count 1
Healy-Rae , Johnny (Ind)Count 1
Moriarty , Norma (FF)Count 1
Connor-Scarteen , Patrick (FG)Count 8
Flynn , John Francis (FF)Count 8
McCarthy , Dan (Ind)Count 8
Count 1
Cahill , Michael (FF)2,219
Connor-Scarteen , Patrick (FG)1,320
Crowley-Holland , Luke (Lab)364
Flynn , John Francis (FF)1,375
Healy-Rae , Johnny (Ind)3,023
Lyne , Patrick (FG)444
McCarthy , Dan (Ind)1,050
Moriarty , Norma (FF)1,966
Murphy , Cleo (GP)691
O'Sullivan , Donie (FG)428
Quigg , Damian (SF)766
Killarney 7 Seats
Total Poll:12,794
Spoiled votes:126
Total Valid Poll:12,668
Elected Candidates
Gleeson , Michael (KIA)Count 1
Healy-Rae , Maura (Ind)Count 1
Cronin , Brendan (Ind)Count 2
Kelleher , Niall (FF)Count 2
Grady , Donal (Ind)Count 3
O'Callaghan , Niall Botty (Ind)Count 6
Moloney , Marie (Lab)Count 7
Count 1
Buckley , John (SF)485
Cronin , Brendan (Ind)1,505
Gleeson , Michael (KIA)1,983
Grady , Donal (Ind)1,324
Healy-Rae , Maura (Ind)3,099
Kelleher , Niall (FF)1,243
Moloney , Marie (Lab)871
O'Callaghan , Niall Botty (Ind)1,065
O'Connor , Neily (FF)266
Sheahan , John (FG)827
Listowel 6 Seats
Total Poll:13,823
Spoiled votes:220
Total Valid Poll:13,603
Elected Candidates
Kennelly , Mike (FG)Count 1
Thornton , Aoife (FG)Count 1
Beasley , Robert (SF)Count 4
Barry , Tom (SF)Count 7
Foley , Michael (FG)Count 7
Moloney , Jimmy (FF)Count 7
Count 1
Barry , Tom (SF)1,438
Beasley , Robert (SF)1,482
Foley , Michael (FG)1,239
Foran , Sonny (AON)782
Kennelly , Mike (FG)2,064
Lucid , John (FF)1,298
Moloney , Jimmy (FF)1,262
O'Gorman , Michael Pixie (Ind)1,022
O'Sullivan , John Martin (Ind)438
Thornton , Aoife (FG)2,578
Tralee 7 Seats
Total Poll:13,169
Spoiled votes:170
Total Valid Poll:12,999
Elected Candidates
Foley , Norma (FF)Count 1
Ferris , Toiréasa (SF)Count 4
O'Brien , Terry (Lab)Count 7
Finucane , Jim (FG)Count 11
Sheehy , Mikey (FF)Count 11
Daly , Pa (SF)Count 12
Locke , Sam (Ind)Count 13
Count 1
Cronin , Ted (Ind)197
Daly , Pa (SF)1,123
Dineen , Yvonne (Ind)80
Fahy , Bec (Sol-PBP)174
Ferris , Toiréasa (SF)1,539
Finucane , Jim (FG)1,202
Fitzgibbon , Mary (AON)318
Foley , Cathal (SF)653
Foley , Norma (FF)2,106
Fuller , Anne-Marie (GP)683
Locke , Sam (Ind)810
O'Brien , Bridget (FG)612
O'Brien , Terry (Lab)1,462
O'Reilly , Denis (Ind)28
Sheehy , Mikey (FF)1,180
Slimm , Ben (Lab)420
Wall , Johnnie (FF)412

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