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Galway City Council - The Results

By John Fallon

Update 10:43pm: The Green Party have secured a second seat on Galway City Council with Martina O’Connor getting the 18th and final slot after a marathon recount on Monday night.

She will join fellow newcomer Pauline O’Reilly in the new council. Six of the 18 councillors have been elected for the first time.

Another newcomer, Fine Gael’s Eddie Hoare, took the third seat in Galway City Central following a recount that lasted over ten hours.

John McDonagh, who was hoping to hold on to the Labour seat held by the retiring Billy Cameron, called for a recount as he was about to be eliminated when finishing eight votes adrift of Martina O’Connor of the Green Party in the ninth count.

The recount finally ended just before 9pm and found that John McDonagh and Martina O’Connor were level on 768 votes each.

The two candidates and others in the running had legal representatives on site as the recount was scrutinised throughout the day.

John McDonagh was eliminated as Martina O’Connor had 544 first preference votes to 527 for the Labour Party candidate.

Independent Mike Cubbard and Fianna Fail’s Ollie Crowe were elected on Sunday and after Eddie Hoare was successful, the final count resulted in Sharon Nolan of the Social Democrats being eliminated and Frank Fahy (FG), Colette Connolly (Ind.) and Martina O’Connor deemed elected without reaching the quota.

Five outgoing members failed to be re-elected including all three Sinn Fein members Mairead Farrell, Cathal Ó Conchúir and Mark Lohan, while Fine Gael’s John Walsh and Pearce Flannery were also unsuccessful.

The new Galway City Council will have six independents, five Fianna Fail, three Fine Gael, two Green Party and one each from Labour and Social Democrats.

The six new councillors are Alan Cheevers of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael’s Eddie Hoare and Clodagh Higgins, Owen Hanley of Social Democrats, and Green Party’s Pauline O’Reilly and Martina O’Connor.

Earlier: Galway city mayor Niall McNelis has successfully held on to his seat after claiming the third of the six seats in Galway City West on the eighth count.

Veteran Donal Lyons (Ind.) and newcomer Pauline O’Reilly of the Green Party were elected on the first count.

The recount of votes in Galway City East found no substantial change and the election of three candidates without reaching the quota has been confirmed.

Owen Hanley became the first member of the Social Democrats to be elected to Galway City Council, his margin of victory increasing from 17 to 19 votes in the recount.

Noel Larkin (Ind.) was re-elected as was Michael Crowe of Fianna Fáil who again joins his brother Ollie on the council.

Independent veteran Declan McDonnell topped the poll with Fianna Fáil newcomer Alan Cheevers also claiming a seat, with Terry O’Flaherty (Ind.) also holding on to his seat.

Newcomer Clodagh Higgins picked up Fine Gael’s first seat on Galway City Council when she filled the 14th of the 18 on offer.

A sister of former Labour Senator Lorraine Higgins, she polled well and secured a seat at the expense of her party colleague Pearce Flannery, who was mayor two years ago when Galway were crowned All-Ireland hurling champions.

Fianna Fáil picked up two seats in Galway West with Peter Keane holding on to his seat while John Connolly returned ten years after losing his.

Veteran Donal Lyons (Ind.) topped the poll, with Pauline O’Reilly claiming the first Green Party seat since Niall O Brolchain in 2004 and outgoing Labour mayor Niall McNelis holding on to his seat.

Two sitting councillors lost their seats. Aside from former mayor Flannery, Cathal O Conchuir also lost out with Sinn Fein set to lose all three seats on the council as their vote collapsed.

Results from all the various electoral areas in this council area will be displayed here. We will be supplying first count results and listing all those elected and on which count for each electoral area as soon as we have them.

Galway City Council
Fine Gael16%0.07%3
Fianna Fáil20%0.99%5
Sinn Féin5%-4.12%0
Social Democrats6%5.99%1
Green Party9%7.22%2
Galway City Central 6 Seats
Total Poll:8,146
Spoiled votes:144
Total Valid Poll:8,002
Elected Candidates
Cubbard, Mike (Ind)Count 1
Crowe, Ollie (FF)Count 7
Hoare, Eddie (FG)Count 10
Connolly, Colette (Ind)Count 11
Fahy, Frank (FG)Count 11
O'Connor, Martina (GP)Count 11
Count 1
Byrne, Imelda (FF)490
Connolly, Colette (Ind)493
Crowe, Ollie (FF)1,008
Cubbard, Mike (Ind)1,292
Fahy, Frank (FG)694
Feeney, Patrick (Ind)1
Geraghty, Mike (Ind)243
Hoare, Eddie (FG)854
Lohan, Mark (SF)328
Loughnane, Joe (Sol-PBP)377
McDonagh, John (Lab)527
Nolan, Sharon (SD)515
O'Connor, Martina (GP)544
O'Flaherty, Daragh (Ind)83
O'Toole, James (Ind)124
Ó Corcoráin, Cormac (AON)429
Galway City East 6 Seats
Total Poll:7,528
Spoiled votes:118
Total Valid Poll:7,410
Elected Candidates
McDonnell, Declan (Ind)Count 1
O'Flaherty, Terry (Ind)Count 8
Cheevers, Alan (FF)Count 10
Crowe, Michael John (FF)Count 14
Hanley, Owen (SD)Count 14
Larkin, Noel (Ind)Count 14
Count 1
Boyle, Liam (Lab)183
Burke, Conor (Sol-PBP)203
Cheevers, Alan (FF)961
Crowe, Michael John (FF)755
Farrell, Mairéad (SF)522
Hanley, Owen (SD)413
Hardiman, Pat (Ind)65
Hillery, Claire (GP)382
Larkin, Noel (Ind)675
Lynch, Donal (FG)216
McDonnell, Declan (Ind)1,090
Nolan, Nuala (AON)145
O'Flaherty, Terry (Ind)937
O'Mahony, Neil (REN)225
Tully, Michael (Ind)182
Walsh, John (FG)456
Galway City West 6 Seats
Total Poll:8,398
Spoiled votes:125
Total Valid Poll:8,273
Elected Candidates
Lyons, Donal (Ind)Count 1
O'Reilly, Pauline (GP)Count 1
McNelis, Níall (Lab)Count 8
Connolly, John (FF)Count 9
Higgins, Clodagh (FG)Count 9
Keane, Peter (FF)Count 9
Count 1
Anderson, Marc (Ind)91
Connolly, John (FF)734
Crowley, John (SD)491
Feeney, Patrick (Ind)15
Flannery, Pearce (FG)721
Higgins, Clodagh (FG)811
Ivan, Darius (Ind)30
Keane, Peter (FF)900
Keegan, Claire (Ind)30
Lyons, Donal (Ind)1,463
Maloney, Marian (Ind)183
McNelis, Níall (Lab)941
O'Reilly, Pauline (GP)1,304
Roddy, Tommy (Ind)137
Ó Conchúir, Cathal (SF)422

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