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Fingal County Council - The Results

Results from all the various electoral areas in this council area will be displayed here.

We will be supplying first count results and listing all those elected and on which count for each electoral area as soon as we have them.

Fingal County Council
Fine Gael17%2.26%7
Fianna Fáil17%-0.66%8
Sinn Féin9%-5.50%4
Social Democrats6%5.91%2
Green Party14%8.96%5
Balbriggan 5 Seats
Total Poll:10821
Spoiled votes:218
Total Valid Poll:10,603
Elected Candidates
Murphy, Tony (Ind)Count 1
O'Brien, Joe (GP)Count 7
Maguire, Gráinne (Ind)Count 9
O'Leary, Tom (FG)Count 9
Ó Rodaigh, Seána (Lab)Count 9
Count 1
Daniel, Carah (Sol-PBP)411
Emuage, Okezie (FG)253
Hughes, Martin (Ind)237
Keady, Niall (FF)424
Maguire, Gráinne (Ind)1161
Mullan, Garrett (SD)292
Murphy, Tony (Ind)1881
O'Brien, Joe (GP)1552
O'Connor, Sam (FG)626
O'Leary, Tom (FG)1215
Quinn, Malachy (SF)986
Uwhumiakpor, Oghenetano John (Sol-PBP)263
Ó Rodaigh, Seána (Lab)1302
Blanchardstown – Mulhuddart 5 Seats
Total Poll:5186
Spoiled votes:201
Total Valid Poll:4,985
Elected Candidates
McCamley, Mary Elizabeth (Lab)Count 1
Hanaphy, Breda (SF)Count 7
Burtchaell, John (Sol-PBP)Count 8
Cooper, Freddie (FF)Count 8
Rane, Punam (FG)Count 8
Count 1
Bissett, Damien (SF)417
Burtchaell, John (Sol-PBP)536
Cooper, Freddie (FF)502
Hanaphy, Breda (SF)610
Loughlin, Robert (Ind)444
Marosan, Marius (Ind)48
McCamley, Mary Elizabeth (Lab)888
Moore, Sinéad (AON)306
Nolan, Lorna (Ind)298
Onwumereh, J.K. (FF)343
Rane, Punam (FG)552
Smeallie, Aran (Ind)41
Castleknock 6 Seats
Total Poll:13,967
Spoiled votes:274
Total Valid Poll:13,693
Elected Candidates
Currie, Emer (FG)Count 1
O'Gorman, Roderic (GP)Count 1
Leddy, Ted (FG)Count 3
Walsh, John (Lab)Count 3
Mahony, Howard (FF)Count 6
Treacy, Natalie (SF)Count 8
Count 1
Currie, Emer (FG)2,189
Fitzgerald, Ryan (SF)263
Kavanagh, Sandra (Sol-PBP)719
Leddy, Ted (FG)1,546
Mac Manus, Edward (AON)909
Mahony, Howard (FF)1,507
Mullally, Kevin (Ind)142
Murray, Mags (FF)579
O'Gorman, Roderic (GP)3,731
Treacy, Natalie (SF)871
Walsh, John (Lab)1,237
Howth – Malahide 7 Seats
Total Poll:20,379
Spoiled votes:656
Total Valid Poll:19,723
Elected Candidates
Healy, David (GP)Count 1
McDonagh, Brian (Lab)Count 1
O'Brien, Eoghan (FF)Count 1
O'Callaghan, Cian (SD)Count 1
Guerin, Jimmy (Ind)Count 2
Tormey, Aoibhinn (FG)Count 3
Lavin, Anthony (FG)Count 4
Count 1
Daly, Tom (Ind)304
Guerin, Jimmy (Ind)2,237
Healy, David (GP)3,422
Lavin, Anthony (FG)1,883
McDonagh, Brian (Lab)2,569
Ní Laoi, Daire (SF)966
O'Brien, Eoghan (FF)3,561
O'Callaghan, Cian (SD)2,717
Tormey, Aoibhinn (FG)2,064
Ongar 5 Seats
Total Poll:7,766
Spoiled votes:195
Total Valid Poll:7,511
Elected Candidates
Donnelly, Paul (SF)Count 1
Doyle, Tania (Ind)Count 5
Dennison, Kieran (FG)Count 9
Kitt, Tom (FF)Count 9
Whooley, Daniel (GP)Count 9
Count 1
Buckley, Marian (SF)191
Dennison, Kieran (FG)671
Donnelly, Paul (SF)1594
Dooley, Elaine Carmel (Lab)346
Doyle, Tania (Ind)1127
Kitt, Tom (FF)869
Muttumula, Jagan (FG)337
Narayanam, Raghu Nath (Ind)33
Racherla, Ramesh (Ind)186
Sheehan, Gerard (AON)528
Waine, Matt (Sol-PBP)666
Whooley, Daniel (GP)660
Ó Maoláin, Aengus (SD)303
Rush – Lusk 5 Seats
Total Poll:10,926
Spoiled votes:296
Total Valid Poll:10,630
Elected Candidates
O'Donoghue, Robert (Lab)Count 1
Boland, Cathal (Ind)Count 10
Dennehy, Brian (FF)Count 10
Henchy, Adrian (FF)Count 10
Mulville, Paul (SD)Count 10
Count 1
Boland, Cathal (Ind)948
Brady, Glenn (Ind)237
Browne, Davin (Ind)126
Corcoran, Eóin (Ind)103
Dennehy, Brian (FF)1,247
Dowling, Bob (FG)651
Fuller, Roslyn (Ind)323
Henchy, Adrian (FF)1,391
Johnston, Corina (Lab)747
Monks, Jim (FG)766
Mulville, Paul (SD)871
O'Donoghue, Robert (Lab)1,982
O'Hagan, Noeleen (SF)442
Salahovs, Maria (GP)507
Sweetman, Sandra (Ind)289
Swords 7 Seats
Total Poll:12,564
Spoiled votes:431
Total Valid Poll:12,133
Elected Candidates
Butler, Darragh (FF)Count 1
Carey, Ian (GP)Count 8
Mulligan, Dean (I4C)Count 8
Smith, Duncan (Lab)Count 11
Graves, Ann (SF)Count 13
Manton, Brigid (FF)Count 13
Newman, Joe (Ind)Count 13
Count 1
Browne, Duane Michael (Ind)481
Butler, Darragh (FF)2,298
Carey, Ian (GP)1,282
Carey, Tracey (SD)500
Coppinger, Eugene (Sol-PBP)559
Dunne, Helen (FG)685
Fitzpatrick, James (Ind)184
Ghumman, Yulia (Lab)185
Graves, Ann (SF)475
Manton, Brigid (FF)956
Mulligan, Dean (I4C)1,304
Newman, Joe (Ind)1,085
O'Connell, Fergal (Ind)52
O'Connell, Lorraine (SF)387
Smith, Duncan (Lab)1,193
Uzo, Paul (Ind)507

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