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Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council - The Results

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council - The Results

Results from all the various electoral areas in this council area will be displayed here.

We will be supplying first count results and listing all those elected and on which count for each electoral area as soon as we have them.

Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council
Fine Gael27%-0.86%13
Fianna Fáil18%-1.07%7
Sinn Féin3%-4.32%0
Social Democrats2%1.63%1
Green Party20%12.69%6
Blackrock 6 Seats
Total Poll:12,808
Spoiled votes:271
Total Valid Poll:12,537
Elected Candidates
Baker, Marie (FG)Count 1
Hanafin, Mary (FF)Count 1
Ó Faoláin, Séafra (GP)Count 1
Ward, Barry (FG)Count 8
Feeney, Kate (FF)Count 9
Kingston, Deirdre (Lab)Count 9
Count 1
Baker, Marie (FG)2,101
Feeney, Kate (FF)1,096
Ferris, Grainne (SF)206
Gibney, Sinéad (SD)552
Hanafin, Mary (FF)1,846
Hynes, Lola (Sol-PBP)593
Jacob, Reji Chacko (Ind)397
Kingston, Deirdre (Lab)642
Molloy, Rebecca (FG)770
Ward, Barry (FG)1,206
Ó Faoláin, Séafra (GP)3,128
Dundrum 7 Seats
Total Poll:15,145
Spoiled votes:384
Total Valid Poll:14,761
Elected Candidates
Dunne, Daniel (GP)Count 1
McLoughlin, Sean (Ind)Count 6
Brennan, Shay (FF)Count 8
Colgan, Anne (Ind)Count 9
Grainger, Anna (FG)Count 9
O'Brien, Peter (Lab)Count 9
O'Leary, Jim (FG)Count 9
Count 1
Brennan, Shay (FF)1,487
Buckley, Olivia (FF)1,113
Colgan, Anne (Ind)909
Coughlan, Liam (AON)728
Dunne, Daniel (GP)2,897
Grainger, Anna (FG)1,261
Hand, Pat (FG)1,019
Leeson, Brian (EIR)631
McLoughlin, Sean (Ind)1,606
Nic Cormaic, Sorcha (SF)297
O'Brien, Peter (Lab)983
O'Leary, Jim (FG)964
O'Neill, Seamas (Ind)351
Ó Ceannabháin, Eoghan (Sol-PBP)515
Dún Laoghaire 7 Seats
Total Poll:16,018
Spoiled votes:409
Total Valid Poll:15,609
Elected Candidates
Devlin, Cormac (FF)Count 1
Smyth, Ossian (GP)Count 1
O'Connell, Juliet (Lab)Count 5
Bailey, John (FG)Count 9
Halpin, Melissa (Sol-PBP)Count 9
Hall, Lorraine (FG)Count 10
Quinn, Dave (SD)Count 10
Count 1
Bailey, John (FG)1,504
Devlin, Cormac (FF)2,684
Fayne, Mary (FG)947
Hall, Lorraine (FG)1,339
Halpin, Melissa (Sol-PBP)1,067
MacFloinn, Séamus (SF)352
McDermott, Valerie (Lab)501
Merrigan, Michael (Ind)765
Moylan, Justin (FF)547
O'Connell, Juliet (Lab)1,503
O'Keeffe, Dave (Sol-PBP)538
Quinn, Dave (SD)715
Smyth, Ossian (GP)3,147
Glencullen - Sandyford 7 Seats
Total Poll:10,531
Spoiled votes:222
Total Valid Poll:10,309
Elected Candidates
McCarthy, Lettie (Lab)Count 1
Ní Fhlionn, Deirdre (GP)Count 1
Fleming, Michael (Ind)Count 2
Blain, Emma Louise (FG)Count 7
Murphy, Tom (FF)Count 7
Ahmed, Kazi (FG)Count 9
McGovern, Lyndsey (Ind)Count 9
Count 1
Ahmed, Kazi (FG)618
Blain, Emma Louise (FG)999
Daly, Kevin (Ind)368
Fleming, Michael (Ind)1,224
McCarthy, Lettie (Lab)2,269
McGovern, Lyndsey (Ind)621
Murphy, Tom (FF)844
Ní Fhlionn, Deirdre (GP)1,599
O'Connor, Ruth (Sol-PBP)235
Stafford, Ben (FF)535
Stewart, Sandra (FG)513
Tracey, Shaun (SF)484
Killiney - Shankill 7 Seats
Total Poll:13,568
Spoiled votes:381
Total Valid Poll:13,187
Elected Candidates
Power, Una (GP)Count 1
Smyth, Carrie (Lab)Count 1
Carroll MacNeill, Jennifer (FG)Count 2
Lewis, Hugh (Sol-PBP)Count 7
Clark, Michael (FF)Count 9
Gildea, Jim (FG)Count 9
O'Callaghan, Denis (Lab)Count 9
Count 1
Archer, Sandra (Ind)345
Carroll MacNeill, Jennifer (FG)1,610
Clark, Michael (FF)726
Gildea, Jim (FG)1,072
Kelly, Helena (FF)687
Lewis, Hugh (Sol-PBP)1,142
McNamara, Frank (FG)942
O'Brien, Shane (SF)1,059
O'Callaghan, Denis (Lab)1,053
O'Rourke, Danielle (Sol-PBP)669
Power, Una (GP)2,193
Smyth, Carrie (Lab)1,689
Stillorgan 6 Seats
Total Poll:11,333
Spoiled votes:231
Total Valid Poll:11,102
Elected Candidates
Dowling, Eva Elizabeth (GP)Count 1
Saul, Barry (FG)Count 1
O'Connell, Maeve (FG)Count 3
Donnelly, Deirdre (Ind)Count 8
Kennedy, John (FG)Count 8
Smith, Donál (FF)Count 8
Count 1
Dockery, Liam (FF)926
Donnelly, Deirdre (Ind)926
Dowling, Eva Elizabeth (GP)2,270
Gordon, Paul (Lab)492
Kennedy, John (FG)643
Ní Laoghaire, Rosie (SF)258
O'Connell, Maeve (FG)1,272
O'Keeffe, Gearóid (Ind)447
Prendergast Spollen, Rachael (Sol-PBP)349
Saul, Barry (FG)2,376
Smith, Donál (FF)1,143

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