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Dublin City Council - The Results

Dublin City Council - The Results

Long time councillor Ruairí McGinley has lost his seat on Dublin City Council, being eliminated after the seventh count in the Kimmage-Rathmines electoral area.

Mr McGinley first took a seat on the council in 1995 for Fine Gael. In 2014 he lost the party selection convention, but went on to retain his council seat running as an Independent.

Speaking afterwards, Cllr McGinley said: “It’s obviously disappointing to lose an election, I thought I had the work put in but clearly the changing boundaries, the number of Independent candidates wasn’t a help.” There was also a swing to left wing parties such as the Green Party, People Before Profit, and the Social Democrats, which harmed his chances, he said.

Dublin City Council
Fine Gael13.7%-0.32%9
Fianna Fáil18.1%3.67%11
Sinn Féin12.0%-12.23%8
Social Democrats7.1%7.09%5
Green Party15%10.01%10
Artane - Whitehall 6 Seats
Total Poll:13,516
Spoiled votes:588
Total Valid Poll:12,928
Elected Candidates
Roe, Patricia (SD)Count 1
O'Toole, Larry (SF)Count 3
Lyons, John (Ind)Count 6
Batten, Racheal (FF)Count 7
Flanagan, Declan (FG)Count 7
Gilliland, Alison (Lab)Count 7
Count 1
Batten, Racheal (FF)1,362
Bourke, Paddy (Ind)776
Clarke, Paul (Ind)729
Flanagan, Declan (FG)1,264
Gilliland, Alison (Lab)1,276
Heaphey, Ciarán (EIR)404
Lyons, John (Ind)1,246
Mahon, Seán Paul (FF)1,100
Moran, Edel (SF)1,063
O'Toole, Larry (SF)1,757
Roe, Patricia (SD)1,951
Ballyfermot - Drimnagh 5 Seats
Total Poll:11,224
Spoiled votes:413
Total Valid Poll:10,811
Elected Candidates
Doolan, Daithí (SF)Count 6
De Nortúin, Hazel (Sol-PBP)Count 8
De Róiste, Daithí (FF)Count 9
Jackson, Vincent (Ind)Count 9
Nicoullaud, Sophie (GP)Count 9
Count 1
De Nortúin, Hazel (Sol-PBP)1,383
De Róiste, Daithí (FF)1,135
Doolan, Daithí (SF)1,628
Ekoba, Obi (FG)586
Foley, Robert Michael (Ind)126
Jackson, Vincent (Ind)1,346
Kelly, Greg (SF)782
Murray, Richard (Ind)346
Neylon, Eoin (FF)392
Nicoullaud, Sophie (GP)1,321
O'Sullivan, Michael (Lab)946
Uzell, Nicky (I4C)820
Ballymun - Finglas 6 Seats
Total Poll:13,841
Spoiled votes:627
Total Valid Poll:13,214
Elected Candidates
McAuliffe, Paul (FF)Count 1
Reilly, Noeleen (Ind)Count 5
Connolly, Keith (FF)Count 13
Callaghan, Mary (SD)Count 14
Connaghan, Anthony (SF)Count 14
Conroy, Caroline (GP)Count 14
Count 1
Callaghan, Mary (SD)1,152
Carney Boud, Cathleen (SF)825
Connaghan, Anthony (SF)870
Connolly, Keith (FF)1,279
Conroy, Caroline (GP)985
Emmett, Rose (SF)360
Greene, Linda (Ind)185
Hughes, Bernie (I4C)519
Keegan, Andrew (Sol-PBP)378
Mac Dubhghlais, Diarmuid (Ind)261
Matthews, Martin (SF)372
McAuliffe, Paul (FF)2,300
Montague, Andrew (Lab)772
O'Connor, Lucy (Ind)180
Reilly, Noeleen (Ind)1,741
Shiels, Cathie (WP)279
Tyrrell, Sean (FG)756
Cabra - Glasnevin 7 Seats
Total Poll:16,586
Spoiled votes:391
Total Valid Poll:16,195
Elected Candidates
Fitzpatrick, Mary (FF)Count 1
Hourigan, Neasa (GP)Count 1
Gannon, Gary (SD)Count 9
Perry, Cieran (Ind)Count 12
McGrattan, Séamas (SF)Count 15
O'Rourke, Colm (FG)Count 15
Sherlock, Marie (Lab)Count 15
Count 1
Clancy, Áine (Lab)808
Fitzpatrick, Mary (FF)3,218
Gannon, Gary (SD)1,662
Harrold, Rita (Sol-PBP)419
Hourigan, Neasa (GP)2,163
Kelliher, Micheál (I4C)249
Lemass, Hannah (FF)345
McCabe, Seán (Ind)645
McGrattan, Séamas (SF)1,127
Meenagh, Declan (Lab)632
Mulligan, Sarah Louise (Ind)168
Newtown, Cormac (WP)117
O'Farrell, Paul (SF)488
O'Loughlin, Stephen (Ind)324
O'Rourke, Colm (FG)823
Perry, Cieran (Ind)1,483
Sherlock, Marie (Lab)773
Shovlin, Siobhan (FG)751
Clontarf 6 Seats
Total Poll:20,146
Spoiled votes:458
Total Valid Poll:19,688
Elected Candidates
Cooney, Donna (GP)Count 1
O'Farrell, Damian (Ind)Count 1
Heney, Deirdre (FF)Count 4
Ó Muirí, Naoise (FG)Count 7
Horgan-Jones, Jane (Lab)Count 8
Stocker, Catherine (SD)Count 9
Count 1
Burke, Michael Paul (Ind)406
Cooney, Donna (GP)2,840
Haughey, Cathal (FF)1,633
Heney, Deirdre (FF)2,680
Horgan-Jones, Jane (Lab)2,059
Johnston, Jeff (FG)1,522
Mulvany, Bernard (Sol-PBP)798
O'Farrell, Damian (Ind)3,545
O'Moore, Ciarán (SF)722
Stocker, Catherine (SD)1,344
Ó Muirí, Naoise (FG)2,139
Donaghmede 5 Seats
Total Poll:12,897
Spoiled votes:382
Total Valid Poll:12,515
Elected Candidates
Brabazon, Tom (FF)Count 2
Barron, Daryl (FF)Count 9
Flanagan, Terence (FG)Count 9
Hemmings, Lawrence (GP)Count 9
Mac Donncha, Mícheál (SF)Count 9
Count 1
Barron, Daryl (FF)1,539
Brabazon, Tom (FF)2,051
Flanagan, Terence (FG)1,206
Folan, Shane (Lab)850
Hemmings, Lawrence (GP)1,027
Mac Donncha, Mícheál (SF)1,490
McDonald, Niamh (Ind)562
McDonnell, Suzanne (FG)629
Monahan, Paddy (SD)957
Mulvany, Maria (FG)641
O'Brien, Michael (Sol-PBP)832
Tully, Jo (Sol-PBP)377
Ó Conaráin, Proinsias (AON)354
Kimmage - Rathmines 6 Seats
Total Poll:16,597
Spoiled votes:484
Total Valid Poll:16,113
Elected Candidates
Costello, Patrick (GP)Count 1
Feeney, Anne (FG)Count 7
Freehill, Mary (Lab)Count 7
Conroy, Deirdre (FF)Count 9
Deacy, Tara (SD)Count 9
Dunne, Pat (I4C)Count 9
Count 1
Conroy, Deirdre (FF)1,065
Costello, Patrick (GP)3,283
Deacy, Tara (SD)1,196
Donnelly, Fearghal (SF)720
Dooley, Peter (Sol-PBP)935
Dunne, Pat (I4C)1,680
Feeney, Anne (FG)1,447
Freehill, Mary (Lab)1,786
Kinsella, Patrick (FG)763
Lipsett, Sarah (Ind)141
Long, Samantha (Ind)734
McCafferty, Garrett (Ind)193
McGinley, Ruairí (Ind)785
McHugh, Ray (SF)635
Mullooly, Michael (FF)750
North Inner City 7 Seats
Total Poll:9,688
Spoiled votes:266
Total Valid Poll:9,422
Elected Candidates
Cuffe, Ciarán (GP)Count 1
Burke, Christy (Ind)Count 8
Costello, Joe (Lab)Count 12
Boylan, Janice (SF)Count 15
Flynn, Anthony (Ind)Count 15
McAdam, Ray (FG)Count 15
Ring, Nial (Ind)Count 15
Count 1
Armstrong, Neil (Ind)34
Boylan, Janice (SF)661
Brien, Gillian (Sol-PBP)419
Burke, Christy (Ind)1,105
Costello, Joe (Lab)945
Cuffe, Ciarán (GP)1,386
Czechowicz, Marcin (Ind)24
Deans, Carol (SD)248
Flynn, Anthony (Ind)608
Hallissey, Declan (SF)211
Khurshid, Imran (FF)389
Kisyombe, Ellie (SD)312
Marosan, Marius (Ind)21
McAdam, Ray (FG)815
McGucken, Joseph (Ind)73
McMorrow, Denise (FF)233
Mohan, Brian (FF)140
Nugent, Belinda (SF)537
Ring, Nial (Ind)764
Ryan, Éilis (WP)485
Sekhar Reddy, S.G. Raja (Ind)12
Pembroke 5 Seats
Total Poll:12,598
Spoiled votes:293
Total Valid Poll:12,305
Elected Candidates
Chu, Hazel (GP)Count 1
Geoghegan, James (FG)Count 2
Lacey, Dermot (Lab)Count 2
McCartan, Paddy (FG)Count 7
O'Connor, Claire (FF)Count 7
Count 1
Chu, Hazel (GP)4069
Cox, Simon (Ind)201
Geoghegan, James (FG)1931
Kenna, Larry (SF)210
Lacey, Dermot (Lab)1790
McCartan, Paddy (FG)1391
Ní Aonghusa, Síomha (Sol-PBP)495
O'Connor, Claire (FF)1374
O'Shea Farren, Linda (FG)844
South East Inner City 5 Seats
Total Poll:7,044
Spoiled votes:186
Total Valid Poll:6,858
Elected Candidates
Byrne, Claire (GP)Count 1
Andrews, Chris (SF)Count 4
Donoghue, Kevin (Lab)Count 9
Byrne, Danny (FG)Count 10
Flynn, Mannix (Ind)Count 10
Count 1
Andrews, Chris (SF)1,019
Bohan, Maria (FF)238
Byrne, Claire (GP)1,961
Byrne, Danny (FG)675
Donoghue, Kevin (Lab)584
Durcan, Sarah (SD)341
Flynn, Mannix (Ind)548
Gilbourne, Jacqui (REN)172
Gregg Farrell, Susan (SF)257
Mooney, Annette (Sol-PBP)461
Stapleton, Sonya (I4C)228
Watson, Elizabeth (FF)374
South West Inner City 5 Seats
Total Poll:8,078
Spoiled votes:280
Total Valid Poll:7,798
Elected Candidates
Pidgeon, Michael (GP)Count 1
MacVeigh, Tina (Sol-PBP)Count 6
Moynihan, Rebecca (Lab)Count 6
Ní Dhálaigh, Críona (SF)Count 6
Watters, Michael (FF)Count 6
Count 1
Ali, Ammar (FF)577
Coyne, Patrick (Ind)86
Cummins, Jen (SD)608
Farrell, Damien (EIR)512
Howe, Eoghan (FG)645
MacVeigh, Tina (Sol-PBP)938
Moynihan, Rebecca (Lab)891
Murray, Tony (REN)140
Ní Dhálaigh, Críona (SF)799
Pidgeon, Michael (GP)1765
Watters, Michael (FF)837

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