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Donegal County Council - The Results

Donegal County Council - The Results

He led Donegal to their first All Ireland in 1992.

And now he has helped Fianna Fail to a seat on Donegal County Council.

All-Ireland winning GAA captain Anthony Molloy won a seat for Fianna Fail in the Glenties Electoral area.

Molloy was elected on the ninth count.

In the same constituency, the outgoing Cathaoirleach of Donegal County Council, Seamus O Domhnaill lost his seat for Fianna Fail.

Donegal County Council
Fine Gael19%2.80%6
Fianna Fáil29%0.21%12
Sinn Féin19%-0.27%10
Social Democrats0%0.00%0
Green Party0%0.00%0
Buncrana 5 Seats
Total Poll:8,612
Spoiled votes:143
Total Valid Poll:8,469
Elected Candidates
Canning, Paul (FF)Count 1
Donaghey, Rena (FF)Count 1
Murray, Jack (SF)Count 1
Crossan, Nicholas (Ind)Count 8
Crossan, Terry (SF)Count 9
Count 1
Canning, Paul (FF)1,720
Crossan, Nicholas (Ind)1,183
Crossan, Terry (SF)808
Doherty, Mickey (FG)532
Donaghey, Rena (FF)1,436
Lavelle, Frankie (Ind)373
McKenna, Michelle (FG)318
McKinney, Mark (Ind)92
Murphy, Joe (AON)304
Murray, Jack (SF)1,414
Stewart, Sinéad (Ind)289
Carndonagh 4 Seats
Total Poll:7,330
Spoiled votes:94
Total Valid Poll:7,236
Elected Candidates
McDermott, Martin (FF)Count 1
Doherty, Albert (SF)Count 3
Farren, Martin (Lab)Count 3
McGuinness, Bernard (FG)Count 6
Count 1
Cullen, Tracy (Ind)282
Doherty, Albert (SF)1,151
Doherty, Mary Rose (AON)195
Duffy, Marie (FF)627
Farren, Martin (Lab)1,383
McDermott, Martin (FF)2,501
McGuinness, Arthur Desmond (Ind)54
McGuinness, Bernard (FG)1,043
Donegal 6 Seats
Total Poll:14,463
Spoiled votes:165
Total Valid Poll:14,298
Elected Candidates
Kennedy, Niamh (Ind)Count 11
Jordan, Noel (SF)Count 12
Conaghan, Tom (Ind)Count 14
McMahon, Michael (SF)Count 14
Naughton, Michéal (FF)Count 14
Sweeny, Barry (FG)Count 14
Count 1
Boyle, John J. (FG)791
Brennan, Cyril (Sol-PBP)284
Conaghan, Tom (Ind)944
Coughlin, Justin (Ind)138
Doherty, Diarmaid (Ind)389
Grimes, Billy (Ind)868
Jordan, Noel (SF)1,535
Kennedy, Niamh (Ind)1,540
Kennedy, Pauric (Ind)735
Maguire, Seamus (Ind)868
McGlynn, Philip (FF)521
McGuinness, Eimear (FF)497
McMahon, Michael (SF)900
McNulty, John (FG)978
McNulty, Valerie (Ind)194
Meehan, Roger (FF)483
Naughton, Michéal (FF)1,192
Sweeny, Barry (FG)1,116
Ó Beirne, Seán (Ind)325
Glenties 6 Seats
Total Poll:12,851
Spoiled votes:147
Total Valid Poll:12,704
Elected Candidates
MacGiolla Easbuig, Micheál Choilm (Ind)Count 1
Ó Fearraigh, John Sheamuis (SF)Count 8
Gallagher, Marie Therese (SF)Count 9
McClafferty, Michael (FG)Count 9
McGarvey, Noreen (FF)Count 9
Molloy, Anthony (FF)Count 9
Count 1
Bonner, Enda (FF)893
Carr, Brian (SF)922
Gallagher, Marie Therese (SF)1,089
MacGiolla Easbuig, Micheál Choilm (Ind)2,007
McClafferty, Michael (FG)1,012
McGarvey, Noreen (FF)1,018
Molloy, Anthony (FF)916
Mulligan, Liam (AON)349
O Domhnaill, Seamus (FF)979
Rodgers, Seamus (Lab)544
Sweeney, Evelyn (FG)724
Whyte, Liam (Ind)822
Ó Fearraigh, John Sheamuis (SF)1,429
Letterkenny 7 Seats
Total Poll:11,836
Spoiled votes:130
Total Valid Poll:11,706
Elected Candidates
Brogan, Ciaran (FF)Count 1
Kavanagh, Jimmy (FG)Count 7
McBride, Michael (Ind)Count 8
Bradley, Kevin (Ind)Count 9
Coyle, Donal (FF)Count 9
Kelly, Manus Mandy (FF)Count 9
McMonagle, Gerry (SF)Count 9
Count 1
Ahmed, Thoiba (Ind)525
Bradley, Kevin (Ind)993
Brogan, Ciaran (FF)1,570
Coyle, Donal (FF)1,192
Glackin, Adrian (SF)799
Kavanagh, Jimmy (FG)1,233
Kelly, Manus Mandy (FF)906
McBride, Michael (Ind)1,141
McClafferty, Charlie (Ind)459
McGlynn, Cathal (Ind)251
McMonagle, Gerry (SF)839
Moran, Bernie (FG)741
O'Donnell, Finnian (Ind)201
Sweeney, Mary T. (AON)856
Lifford - Stranorlar 6 Seats
Total Poll:9,998
Spoiled votes:160
Total Valid Poll:9,838
Elected Candidates
Doherty, Gary (SF)Count 1
Harley, Martin (FG)Count 1
McGowan, Patrick (FF)Count 1
Crawford, Gerry (FF)Count 3
Connolly, Garvan (FG)Count 8
Doherty, Liam (SF)Count 8
Count 1
Connolly, Garvan (FG)713
Crawford, Gerry (FF)1,369
De Ward, Michael (Ind)206
Doherty, Gary (SF)1,571
Doherty, Liam (SF)744
Harley, Martin (FG)1,688
Hartnett, John (AON)223
McBrearty, Frank (FG)965
McGowan, Patrick (FF)1,606
McMenamin, Alan (Ind)474
Monaghan, Maghnus (REN)279
Milford 3 Seats
Total Poll:7,858
Spoiled votes:75
Total Valid Poll:7,783
Elected Candidates
O'Donnell, John (Ind)Count 1
Blaney, Liam (FF)Count 3
McGarvey, Ian (Ind)Count 5
Count 1
Blaney, Liam (FF)1,716
Doherty, Maria (SF)752
Friel, Eimer (FG)725
Hardy, Dermot (AON)338
McBride, Noel (FG)748
McGarvey, Ian (Ind)805
McGinley, Charlie (Ind)63
Meehan, Declan (Ind)677
O'Donnell, John (Ind)1,959

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