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Cork County Council - The Results

Cork County Council - The Results

By Noel Baker in County Hall

Update 5:17pm, Tuesday, May 28: Both candidates vying to fill the final seat in the Bantry West Cork LEA have been told that a second recount has found "a number of issues" and, as with the first recount, their potential impact must now be reviewed.

Maurice Manning told Holly McKeever Cairns of the Social Democrats and Independent candidate Finbarr Harrington: "There are a number of issues that we have identified and we need to assess the impact, if any, of those."

He said that review process will take an hour, with both candidates to be updated - likely behind closed doors - at around 5pm.

The results of the first recount in the four-seat LEA was announced this morning, with McKeever Cairns reversing the result of Sunday's result - going from losing by one vote, to winning by the same margin. It emerged that five invalid ballots had been incorrectly included in the initial count at the weekend, with the result that the quota was reduced by one. It also affected transfers.

Mr Harrington immediately requested and was granted the recount which has been continuing since noon today.

Earlier (1:11pm): In dramatic scenes on Floor 16 in Cork County Hall, the result of the Bantry West Cork LEA was flipped on its head, with Social Democrat candidate Holly McKeever Cairns going from losing the fourth and final seat by one vote, to winning it by the same margin.

A full (second) recount has now got underway, this time requested by Independent candidate Finbarr Harrington, who has gone from being hoisted on the shoulders of his supporters on Sunday night to potentially missing out.

On Monday night Returning Officer Maurice Manning had informed both candidates in a closed-door meeting that a number of invalid ballots had been included in the first count last weekend.

This morning it was confirmed that five invalid ballots had been included, which appear to have had ramifications throughout the count. The quota was reduced by one, to 2,308, and crucially, Finbarr Harrington's first preference total fell by one, while McKeever Cairns's rose by two.

In rapid succession, the revised totals for counts two-through-eight were delivered, and it was clear that the five invalid papers, now excluded from the reckoning, were having a huge impact. On count 6 the two candidates vying for the last seat were neck-and-neck on 1,777.

On count 7, Harrington was ahead by nine votes, whereas at the equivalent stage last Sunday, we was 12 votes ahead. With Katie Murphy, the 20-year-old running for Fine Gael, now deemed elected on the seventh count, as was the case last Sunday, her surplus to be transferred had also changed, increased from 67 last Sunday to 68.

In the shake-up, it meant McKeever Cairns, a 29-year-old farmer and businessperson, received a final count haul of 1,866 - just one ahead of Harrington, a longtime community activist.

Harrington duly requested a recount, which is underway as of noon.

Both candidates embraced when the result was announced, with McKeever Cairns, unsurprisingly, saying it was premature to celebrate. Harrington referred to a "moral victory", but there's little doubt that, having missed out by a wider margin in 2014, he wants a real one - one which may have been snatched away courtesy of the five invalid ballots.

The result of the latest recount is not expected until at least 6pm today, with Social Democrats joint leader Roisin Shortall among those monitoring proceedings. This one could run and run.

Cork County Council
Fine Gael32%4.21%20
Fianna Fáil34%5.09%18
Sinn Féin5%-9.08%2
Social Democrats3%2.52%1
Green Party3%1.76%2
Bandon - Kinsale 6 Seats
Total Poll:14,998
Spoiled votes:192
Total Valid Poll:14,806
Elected Candidates
Coleman, Alan (Ind)Count 1
Coughlan, Gillian (FF)Count 1
Murphy, Kevin (FG)Count 8
O'Donovan, Sean (FF)Count 10
O'Sullivan, John (FG)Count 10
O'Sullivan, Marie (FG)Count 10
Count 1
Brennan, Dermot (FF)483
Coleman, Alan (Ind)2,350
Coughlan, Gillian (FF)2,762
Harrington, Noel (SF)376
Hayes, Cormac (Ind)116
Murphy, Kevin (FG)1,769
O'Donovan, Sean (FF)1,002
O'Regan, Pat (Ind)793
O'Sullivan, John (FG)1,629
O'Sullivan, Marie (FG)1,343
Reid, Gordon (GP)873
Ruane, Mairéad (AON)435
Seaman, Gerard (FG)875
Bantry - West Cork 4 Seats
Total Poll:11,672
Spoiled votes:135
Total Valid Poll:11,537
Elected Candidates
Collins, Danny (Ind)Count 1
Murphy, Patrick Gerard (FF)Count 6
Murphy, Katie (FG)Count 7
McKeever Cairns, Holly (SD)Count 8
Count 1
Collins, Danny (Ind)3,148
Deane-Ross, Lorraine (AON)138
Dinneen, John (FG)879
Gill, George (FF)1,145
Harrington, Finbarr (Ind)1,100
Harrington, Noel (FG)1,028
McKeever Cairns, Holly (SD)1,276
Murphy, Katie (FG)1,136
Murphy, Patrick Gerard (FF)1,477
Ó Seaghdha, Donnchadh (SF)210
Carrigaline 6 Seats
Total Poll:13,098
Spoiled votes:154
Total Valid Poll:13,074
Elected Candidates
D'Alton, Marcia (Ind)Count 1
Lombard, Aidan (FG)Count 1
McGrath, Seamus (FF)Count 1
Buckley, Audrey (FF)Count 7
Dalton O'Sullivan, Ben (Ind)Count 7
O'Connor, Liam (FG)Count 7
Count 1
Buckley, Audrey (FF)694
Corcoran, Michael (FF)222
D'Alton, Marcia (Ind)2,089
Dalton O'Sullivan, Ben (Ind)818
Lombard, Aidan (FG)1,894
McGrath, Seamus (FF)4,247
Murphy, Michael Frick (SF)580
Murtagh, Michael Paul (FG)591
O'Connor, Liam (FG)785
Reid, Catriona (GP)727
Weldon, John (AON)427
Cobh 6 Seats
Total Poll:12,207
Spoiled votes:252
Total Valid Poll:11,955
Elected Candidates
Barry, Anthony (FG)Count 1
O'Sullivan, Pádraig (FF)Count 1
Sheppard, Sinéad (FG)Count 3
Rasmussen, Cathal (Lab)Count 6
O'Connor, Alan (GP)Count 8
O'Connor, Sean (Ind)Count 8
Count 1
Barry, Anthony (FG)2,009
Curtin, Ken (SD)241
Doyle, Karen (I4C)827
Kidney, Peter (Ind)399
Murphy, Louise (SF)513
O'Connor, Alan (GP)883
O'Connor, Sean (Ind)1,205
O'Sullivan, Pádraig (FF)2,608
Rasmussen, Cathal (Lab)1,550
Reilly, John Paul (FF)350
Sheppard, Sinéad (FG)1,370
Fermoy 6 Seats
Total Poll:15,069
Spoiled votes:259
Total Valid Poll:14,810
Elected Candidates
McCarthy, Noel (FG)Count 1
O'Brien, Deirdre (FF)Count 1
O'Flynn, Frank (FF)Count 1
O'Leary, William (FF)Count 1
Dawson, Kay (FG)Count 3
Roche, Frank (Ind)Count 8
Count 1
Dawson, Kay (FG)1,527
Kenneally, David (Lab)531
McCarthy, Noel (FG)3,228
Murphy, June (SD)676
O'Brien, Deirdre (FF)2,225
O'Flynn, Frank (FF)2,895
O'Leary, William (FF)2,212
Roche, Frank (Ind)899
White, Helen (SF)617
Kanturk 4 Seats
Total Poll:11,074
Spoiled votes:204
Total Valid Poll:10,870
Elected Candidates
Doyle, Ian (FF)Count 1
Moynihan, Bernard (FF)Count 1
O'Shea, John Paul (FG)Count 1
Murphy, Gerard (FG)Count 2
Count 1
Bradley, Ted (GP)356
Doyle, Ian (FF)2,325
Mazombe, Ado (Ind)91
Meade, Lillian (SF)460
Moynihan, Bernard (FF)2,843
Murphy, Gerard (FG)1,985
O'Shea, John Paul (FG)2,314
Scully, Paddy (AON)496
Macroom 6 Seats
Total Poll:17,599
Spoiled votes:288
Total Valid Poll:17,311
Elected Candidates
Creed, Michael (FG)Count 1
Moynihan, Gobnait (FF)Count 1
Looney, Michael (FF)Count 6
Coughlan, Martin (Ind)Count 10
Lucey, Ted (FG)Count 11
Lynch, Eileen (FG)Count 11
Count 1
Collins, Áine (FG)1,338
Coughlan, Martin (Ind)1,666
Creed, Michael (FG)2,954
Dennehy, Nigel (Ind)584
Feeney, P.J. (AON)602
Fitzgerald, Jason (FF)526
Looney, Michael (FF)2,234
Lucey, Ted (FG)1,452
Lynch, Eileen (FG)1,770
Morley, Ronnie (SF)512
Moynihan, Gobnait (FF)2,665
Ní Dhubhghaill, Síle (SD)716
O'Callaghan-Hallissey, Mary (Ind)292
Mallow 5 Seats
Total Poll:10,696
Spoiled votes:254
Total Valid Poll:10,442
Elected Candidates
Hayes, Pat (FF)Count 1
Kennedy, James (Lab)Count 1
Murphy, Gearóid (FF)Count 1
Madden, Liam (FG)Count 5
O'Shea, Tony (FG)Count 5
Count 1
Hayes, Pat (FF)1,806
Kennedy, James (Lab)1,793
Madden, Liam (FG)1,658
Moriarty, Cian (FG)506
Mullane, Melissa (SF)1,196
Murphy, Gearóid (FF)1,794
O'Shea, Tony (FG)1,689
Midleton 7 Seats
Total Poll:15,398
Spoiled votes:234
Total Valid Poll:15,164
Elected Candidates
Collins, Noel (Ind)Count 1
Hegarty, Michael (FG)Count 1
Linehan Foley, Mary (Ind)Count 1
O'Connor, James (FF)Count 6
Twomey, Danielle (SF)Count 6
McCarthy, Susan (FG)Count 8
Quaide, Liam (GP)Count 10
Count 1
Collins, Noel (Ind)2371
Griffin, Rosarii (FF)1012
Hegarty, Michael (FG)2154
Linehan Foley, Mary (Ind)2699
McCarthy, Susan (FG)1260
Murray, Martin E (Ind)296
Neville, Shane (SF)324
Nolan, Eric (Lab)494
O'Connor, James (FF)1535
Phillips, John (FG)492
Quaide, Liam (GP)1024
Twomey, Danielle (SF)1503
Skibbereen - West Cork 5 Seats
Total Poll:13,986
Spoiled votes:155
Total Valid Poll:13,831
Elected Candidates
O'Sullivan, Christopher (FF)Count 1
Carroll, Joe (FF)Count 2
Hurley, Declan (Ind)Count 9
Coakley, Karen (FG)Count 10
Hayes, Paul (SF)Count 10
Count 1
Cahalane, Yvonne (FG)755
Carroll, Joe (FF)2,284
Coakley, Karen (FG)1,222
Creedon, Séan (AON)296
Hayes, Paul (SF)982
Hurley, Declan (Ind)1,635
Janab, ALI Yousuf (Ind)597
Kelly, Deirdre (FF)1,094
McCormack, Brendan (Ind)571
Nevin, Evie (SD)460
O'Sullivan, Christopher (FF)2,703
O'Sullivan, Vanessa (Sol-PBP)188
Walsh, J.J. (FG)1,044

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