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Cork City Council - The Results

Update May 27: The last two seats on Cork City Council have been filled this evening following the conclusion of a recount in the city's south central local authority area, writes Eoin English.

Independent Cllr Paudie Dineen and Sinn Fein Cllr Fiona Kerins have been re-elected, with just a single vote separating them after an 11-hour recount.

The recount was requested late on Sunday night by Sinn Fein after just 12 votes separated Cllr Kerins, the party's county councillor, Eoghan Jeffers, and Cllr Dineen after the 11th count.

At 7pm tonight, the state of poll after count 12 showed just nine votes between them.

But following the distribution of Sean Martin's surplus, Cllr Dineen moved from 1,058 to 1,069 votes, Kerins jumped from 1,062 to 1,066, with Jeffers gaining three votes to take him to 1,056.

The distribution of Dan Boyle's vote in count 14 was enough to elect Dineen on 1,071 and Kerins on 1,070.

Her election secured a fourth seat for Sinn Fein on the council - down from eight.

Ms Kerins said: "We didn't want to be in this place, standing against each other but the main thing is we took a seat for Sinn Fein in south central."

Mr Jeffers said while he was disappointed, the most important was to see a colleague elected.

The conclusion of the recount and the formal closure of the count at City Hall means that despite losing two seats over the weekend, Fianna Fáil has retained its position as the largest party on the 31-seat council, while Fine Gael has gained two seats to seven.

The first meeting of the new council is on June 7.

Cork City Council
Fine Gael21%1.59%7
Fianna Fáil25%0.52%8
Sinn Féin12%-11.98%4
Social Democrats3%2.84%0
Green Party10%7.26%4
Cork City North East 6 Seats
Total Poll:13,698
Spoiled votes:287
Total Valid Poll:13,411
Elected Candidates
O'Flynn, Kenneth Noel (FF)Count 8
Kavanagh, Joe (FG)Count 10
Keohane, Ger (Ind)Count 10
Maher, John Daniel (Lab)Count 10
Moran, Oliver (GP)Count 10
Tynan, Ted (WP)Count 10
Count 1
Ajisafe, Mobolaji Taiwo (Ind)123
Brogan, Carol (Sol-PBP)689
Brosnan, Tim (FF)1,048
Dorgan, Martin (FF)483
Halpin, Sinéad (SD)309
Kavanagh, Joe (FG)1,254
Keohane, Ger (Ind)1,279
Maher, John Daniel (Lab)1,345
Moran, Oliver (GP)1,180
Murphy, Noreen (Ind)815
Nugent, Mick (SF)668
O'Flynn, Kenneth Noel (FF)1,710
O'Leary Hegarty, Mandy (SF)267
O'Neill, Lorraine (FG)1,047
O'Sullivan, Sean Patrick (Ind)60
Tynan, Ted (WP)1,031
Ó Glaimhín, Risteárd (HRRA)103
Cork City North West 6 Seats
Total Poll:12,100
Spoiled votes:324
Total Valid Poll:11,776
Elected Candidates
Fitzgerald, Tony (FF)Count 5
Gould, Thomas (SF)Count 9
Boylan, Damian (FG)Count 12
Collins, Kenneth (SF)Count 12
Ryan, Fiona (Sol-PBP)Count 12
Sheehan, John (FF)Count 12
Count 1
Boylan, Damian (FG)1,059
Carroll, Luke (Lab)528
Coffey, Catherine (WP)151
Coleman, Seán (FF)526
Collins, Kenneth (SF)1,147
Condon, Sandra (Ind)108
Conway, Kevin (Ind)536
Cronin, Mark (GP)563
Fitzgerald, Tony (FF)1,662
Gould, Thomas (SF)1,402
Hogan, Timothy J. (Ind)208
Murphy, Martina (HRRA)175
O'Callaghan, Joe (Ind)476
O'Leary, Julie (FG)701
Ryan, Fiona (Sol-PBP)885
Sheehan, John (FF)1,023
Stanton, John Paul (SF)184
Toomey, Finian (AON)442
Cork City South Central 6 Seats
Total Poll:10,893
Spoiled votes:305
Total Valid Poll:10,588
Elected Candidates
Finn, Mick (Ind)Count 1
Boyle, Dan (GP)Count 5
Martin, Seán (FF)Count 9
O'Callaghan, Shane (FG)Count 11
Dineen, Paudie (Ind)Count 14
Kerins, Fiona (SF)Count 14
Count 1
Boyle, Dan (GP)1,457
Boyle, David (FF)768
Cronin, Seán (Ind)209
Dineen, Paudie (Ind)554
Field, Luke (Lab)459
Finn, Mick (Ind)1,753
Hegarty, Suzanne (Ind)45
Jeffers, Eoghan (SF)774
Kenneally, Ciaran (Ind)428
Kerins, Fiona (SF)703
Margassery, Lekha Menon (Ind)199
Martin, Seán (FF)1,383
Mohally, Michael (HRRA)126
O'Callaghan, Shane (FG)1,235
O'Dwyer, Patricia (SD)360
O'Shea, Graham (Ind)93
Sexton, Maurice Joseph (Ind)42
Cork City South East 6 Seats
Total Poll:16,107
Spoiled votes:326
Total Valid Poll:15,781
Elected Candidates
Cahill, Des (FG)Count 1
Bogue, Lorna (GP)Count 2
Desmond, Mary Rose (FF)Count 6
Forde, Deirdre (FG)Count 8
McCarthy, Kieran (ND)Count 8
Shannon, Terry (FF)Count 8
Count 1
Bogue, Lorna (GP)2,207
Cahill, Des (FG)2,275
Daly, Anna (AON)498
Desmond, Mary Rose (FF)2,102
Fitzgerald, Ed (Sol-PBP)255
Forde, Deirdre (FG)1,588
Harris, Joe (SD)685
Horgan, Peter (Lab)888
McCarthy, Kieran (ND)1,708
O'Leary, Chris (SF)1,103
Shannon, Terry (FF)1,976
Ó Cadhla, Diarmaid (HRRA)496
Cork City South West 7 Seats
Total Poll:16,010
Spoiled votes:373
Total Valid Poll:15,637
Elected Candidates
Canty, Derry (FG)Count 6
Dennehy, Fergal (FF)Count 6
Finn, Colette (GP)Count 9
Kelleher, Colm (FF)Count 12
Cremin, Henry (SF)Count 13
Kelleher, Garret (FG)Count 13
Moloney, Thomas (Ind)Count 13
Count 1
Canty, Derry (FG)1,881
Cremin, Henry (SF)1,045
De Vries, Tjitske (Sol-PBP)304
Dennehy, Fergal (FF)1,823
Fallon, Shane (FF)630
Finn, Colette (GP)1,484
Griffin, Shirley (HRRA)174
Górnik, Artur (Ind)56
Hourican, P.J. (FG)731
Kelleher, Colm (FF)1,339
Kelleher, Garret (FG)1,306
Kennedy, Ciara (Lab)553
Kiely, Thomas (HRRA)388
McCarthy, Ciarán (SD)552
Moloney, Thomas (Ind)1,174
Murphy, Joanne (AON)653
Ronan, Sinéad (FG)758
Ryng, Eolan (SF)786

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