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Clare County Council - The Results

Fianna Fáil has increased its number of seats on the 28 seat Clare County Council after increasing its share of first preference vote by 3% to 39%.

On Sunday afternoon, veteran councillor, Cllr Pat McMahon (FF) secured one of the last remaining seats in the Shannon electoral area to give the party 13 seats - an increase of one on the outgoing Council.

Party poll topper in Clare with 2,575 first preference votes, Cllr Cathal Crowe (FF) said that the 13 seats “is a fabulous result bearing in mind that we had three high profile councillors who retired coming into this election”.

He added: “So really, we went in the election with nine outgoing councillors and picked up four seats - one in Ennis, two in Ennistymon and one in west Clare. That is a very good performance.”

With no party having an overall majority, power-sharing at the council is set to continue.

Fine Gael’s share of the vote remains static at 32% when compared to 2014 and maintained its seat share at eight.

On Sunday night, tension was high at the count centre after a full recount was called by new FG candidate, Garreth McPhillips after a recheck of ballots found that Mr Phillips and Cllr Gerry Flynn (Ind) were in a dead-heat for the final seat.

The initial election result recorded that Mr McPhillips dramatically fell just four votes short in the Shannon area on Sunday to Cllr Flynn (FG) for a final seat.

After a full recount, Cllr Flynn was declared the winner shortly after 8.30pm and retains his seat.

On Saturday, FG suffered a blow when Bill Slattery endured a shock defeat in the Ennistymon area where he was the only incumbent councillor running, having been tipped to top the poll.

The new council includes five news faces including Green Party candidate, Roisín Garvey and Lahinch postmaster, Shane Talty (FF).

Clare County Council
Fine Gael32%0.22%8
Fianna Fáil39%2.86%13
Sinn Féin5%0.64%1
Social Democrats2%1.68%0
Green Party4%3.97%1
Ennis 7 Seats
Total Poll:11,599
Spoiled votes:163
Total Valid Poll:11,436
Elected Candidates
Howard, Mary (FG)Count 6
Colleran Molloy, Clare (FF)Count 8
Flynn, Johnny (FG)Count 8
Nestor, Mark (FF)Count 8
Daly, Pat (FF)Count 10
Murphy, Paul (FG)Count 10
Norton, Ann (Ind)Count 10
Count 1
Colleran Molloy, Clare (FF)1184
Cullinan, Frank 'Pinky' (Ind)562
D'Auria, Alfonso (Ind)715
Daly, Pat (FF)1064
Flynn, Johnny (FG)1240
Hakizimana, Andre (Ind)35
Hayes, Dermot (Ind)793
Howard, Mary (FG)1311
Kirwan, Chris (SD)172
Major, Amanda (Ind)200
McGettigan, Donna Deirdre (SF)277
Murphy, Paul (FG)1252
Nestor, Mark (FF)1211
Norton, Ann (Ind)925
Ryan, Seamus (Lab)495
Ennistymon 4 Seats
Total Poll:8,710
Spoiled votes:112
Total Valid Poll:8,598
Elected Candidates
Talty, Shane (FF)Count 1
Garrihy, Joe (FG)Count 4
Garvey, Róisín (GP)Count 4
Killeen, Joe (FF)Count 4
Count 1
Garrihy, Joe (FG)1328
Garvey, Róisín (GP)1302
Killeen, Joe (FF)1196
Moran, Noeleen (SF)575
O'Loghlen, Martin (FF)917
Slattery, Bill (FG)1303
Talty, Shane (FF)1977
Killaloe 5 Seats
Total Poll:10,224
Spoiled votes:103
Total Valid Poll:10,121
Elected Candidates
Cooney, Joe (FG)Count 1
Hayes, Pat (FF)Count 4
Burke, Pat (FG)Count 6
O'Brien, Tony (FF)Count 6
O'Callaghan, Alan (FF)Count 6
Count 1
Burke, Pat (FG)1036
Cooney, Joe (FG)2697
Doyle, Beckha (SD)198
Floyd, JoeI (ND)531
Hayes, Pat (FF)1386
Naughton, Seán (SF)189
O'Brien, Tony (FF)1227
O'Callaghan, Alan (FF)1117
O'Donovan, Barry (GP)708
O'Halloran, Ger (FG)1032
Kilrush 5 Seats
Total Poll:9,336
Spoiled votes:160
Total Valid Poll:9,176
Elected Candidates
Kelly, P.J. (FF)Count 1
Chambers, Bill (FF)Count 2
Keating, Gabriel (FG)Count 2
Lynch, Ian (Ind)Count 6
Murphy, Cillian (FF)Count 6
Count 1
Chambers, Bill (FF)1431
Keating, Gabriel (FG)1494
Kelly, P.J. (FF)2147
Lynch, Ian (Ind)1026
Lynch, Noreen (Ind)76
Murphy, Cillian (FF)1110
Taylor, Mike (FG)473
Woulfe, Joseph (Ind)1034
Wynne, Violet-Anne (SF)385
Shannon 7 Seats
Total Poll:11,384
Spoiled votes:143
Total Valid Poll:11,241
Elected Candidates
Crowe, Cathal (FF)Count 1
Crowe, John (FG)Count 2
Begley, Michael (Ind)Count 3
Ryan, P.J. (Ind)Count 5
Flynn, Gerry (Ind)Count 6
McKee, Mike (SF)Count 6
McMahon, Pat (FF)Count 6
Count 1
Begley, Michael (Ind)1027
Crowe, Cathal (FF)2575
Crowe, John (FG)1308
Flynn, Gerry (Ind)1041
Long, Eugene (FG)619
McKee, Mike (SF)1042
McMahon, Pat (FF)973
McPhillips, Garret (FG)939
Ryan, P.J. (Ind)1238
Walsh, Betty (SD)479

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