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Carlow County Council - The Results

Sinn Féin and Fine Gael losses meant wins for Independents, Fianna Fáil and for the first time in the county People Before Profit, in Carlow’s 18-seat county council.

With three local electoral areas in the county, the largest was the seven seat Carlow LEA, with Tullow LEA six-seats and Muinebheag LEA five.

Local and European People Before Profit candidate Adrienne Wallace secured her place on Carlow County Council by taking the fifth seat in the Carlow LEA, outpolling Fine Gael candidate Wayne Fennell in a tense final count. Her success is a first for the party in the county.

Poor national trends for Sinn Féin were reflected in Carlow, with the party losing two seats, a real blow following their success in 2014.

Former councillor Sinn Féin councillor John Cassin, now running as an Independent was successful in the Carlow LEA meaning a loss to his former party while in the Tullow LEA Sinn Féin councillor Jim Deane loss out to first time Fianna Fáil candidate John McDonald, in a very tense eighth and final count.

Fine Gael suffered the loss of long standing councillor Denis Foley in the Muinebheag LEA bring to an end 40 years of public service for the Bagenalstown base councillor. However the party’s Tom O’Neill managed to win back a seat for Fine Gael in the Carlow LEA, in an improved outing for councillor O’Neill and Fine Gael having lost his seat in 2014.

Fianna Fáil polled incredible well in the Carlow LEA, securing an impressive 48% of the vote to re-elect councillors Fintan Phelan, Andrea Dalton and Ken Murnane.

The party also made a gain in the Tullow LEA, winning two seats to elect long-standing councillor John Pender and new candidate John McDonald.

It was a good election for the Independents in the county with cllr Charlie Murphy polling incredible well with 1,396 first preferences to take the second seat in the Tullow LEA, while Independent cllr John Cassin held his seat in the Carlow LEA.

Labour held onto his two seats in Carlow local authority with cllr William Paton taking the fifth seat in the Tullow LEA and councillor William Quinn the third seat in the Muinebheag LEA

Final result: Fine Gael 6, Fianna Fáil 6, Labour 2, Independents 2, People Before Profit 1 and Sinn Féin 1.

Carlow County Council
Fine Gael31.3%4.35%6
Fianna Fáil33.5%4.55%6
Sinn Féin8.4%-4.59%1
Social Democrats0.0%0.00%0
Green Party0%0.00%0
Carlow 7 Seats
Total Poll:7,477
Spoiled votes:121
Total Valid Poll:7,356
Elected Candidates
Dalton, Andrea (FF)Count 1
Phelan, Fintan (FF)Count 1
Browne, Fergal (FG)Count 2
Murnane, Ken (FF)Count 2
Cassin, John (Ind)Count 9
O'Neill, Tom (FG)Count 9
Wallace, Adrienne (Sol-PBP)Count 9
Count 1
Browne, Fergal (FG)890
Byrne, Kevin (Lab)145
Cassin, John (Ind)527
Dalton, Andrea (FF)1,086
Dooley, Ciarán (SF)241
Fennell, Wayne (FG)432
Hande, Mary (AON)310
Jennings, Bernard (Ind)234
Murnane, Ken (FF)793
O'Neill, Tom (FG)539
Phelan, Fintan (FF)1,711
Wallace, Adrienne (Sol-PBP)448
Muinebeag 5 Seats
Total Poll:7,144
Spoiled votes:133
Total Valid Poll:7,011
Elected Candidates
Kinsella, Tommy (FG)Count 1
Quinn, Willie (Lab)Count 3
Gladney, Andy (SF)Count 4
Doran, Michael (FG)Count 5
McDonald, Arthur (FF)Count 5
Count 1
Daly, Josie (FF)675
Doran, Michael (FG)864
Foley, Denis (FG)503
Gahan, Philip (FF)250
Gladney, Andy (SF)1,015
Kinsella, Tommy (FG)1,617
McDonald, Arthur (FF)853
O'Brien, David (Ind)251
Quinn, Willie (Lab)983
Tullow 6 Seats
Total Poll:7,312
Spoiled votes:86
Total Valid Poll:7,226
Elected Candidates
Murphy, Charlie (Ind)Count 1
Pender, John (FF)Count 1
O'Donoghue, Brian (FG)Count 5
Paton, William (Lab)Count 5
McDonald, John (FF)Count 7
Murphy, John (FG)Count 7
Count 1
Ansbro, Maria (FG)369
Byrne, Helena (Ren)288
Deane, Jim (SF)561
McDonald, John (FF)430
Murphy, Charlie (Ind)1,396
Murphy, John (FG)697
Nolan, Billy (Ind)399
O'Donoghue, Brian (FG)858
Paton, William (Lab)782
Pender, John (FF)1,446

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