Why aren't people buying electric cars in Ireland?

Why aren't people buying electric cars in Ireland?

Despite growing availability, falling prices and more charging points than before, electric vehicles continue to be outsold by petrol/ diesel cars at a rate of 6 to 1, according to data from Motorcheck.

The data showed that electric car sales between January and September of this year rose, with a 100% jump in sales year-on-year. However, only 3,408 electric vehicles were sold in that period.

Hybrids on the otherhand, are up from 12,064 to 17,612, showing a rise of 32%.

Diesel continues to be the number one fuel choice, accounting for 112,947 sales, followed by petrol at 64,056.

Managing Director of Motorcheck Michael Rochford said the reason may lie in a lack of incentive to make the switch over to electric vehicles, with charging points to cost money per-charge, a lack of public places to plug in and a large market of affordable, fossil-fuelled cars.

He said:

Everyone is rightfully concerned about the environment, and switching to EVs is a positive step to a cleaner, greener world. But with inflation continuing to rise, Brexit threatening economic uncertainty and an abundance of cheaper petrol and diesel cars available, electric vehicles are prohibitively expensive for many consumers.

“Add to that the cost of installing a charger at home and the dearth of publicly available charge points, and you have a government promising a result that they haven’t worked towards.”

Even though electric vehicles can often be cheaper to run than their fossil-fuel counterparts, the initial outlay is often higher. And judging by sales figures, we’re not seeing enough government incentives to encourage drivers to make the switch.”

Imports have risen by 7.3%, while new car sales are down 7.2% from the same period last year. Volkswagen continues to be the number one make, with the biggest selling model being the Volkswagen Golf.

Rochford said: “There have been some voices calling for the ban of imported cars from the UK as, post-Brexit, it causes serious damage to Irish dealers.”

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