Water purity firm’s clean ambitions

Ireland Waste Water has achieved European certification for its water purification product Circle 7.

A family-run business in Riverstick, Co Cork, Ireland Waste Water has devised a completely new way to treat waste water in a more environmentally friendly way. The company is recruiting 10 new employees and expanding its current premises. The company estimates the total septic tank market in Ireland to be worth more than €3bn.

Niall Mulcahy co-founder of Ireland Waste Water with his wife Mary, said: “An ongoing problem with waste water from Irish households is the growing use of chemicals which is leading to an increase in the amount of ‘grey water’.

Grey water is damaging septic tank & wastewater systems as they currently stand in homes all over the country with the primary risk being contamination of the clean water supply into a home, as well as of the surrounding land

“The added bonus of our system is that it will actually save homeowners €5,000 over five years – at least, because there is no desludging required; no parts replacement, no media filter replacement and no pumps needed.”

Circle 7 can be used to purify waste water in homes, schools, factories and businesses. It reimagines the traditional septic tank process which, when not managed correctly, is a risk for contaminating the land and the water system. It takes household waste, percolating it using an advanced filtration system and bringing it to a near drinking water standard.

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