Residential property prices see increase in growth.

Residential property prices in Ireland have gone up 13% in the year to April, according to the Central Statistics Office.

This compares with an increase of 12.6% in the year to March and an increase of 9.5% in the 12 months to April 2017.

In Dublin, property prices grew by 12.5% in the year to April, with house prices increasing by 11.7% and apartment prices going up 15.9% in the capital.

Dublin City saw the biggest rise at 14.9%, while the lowest rise was in South Dublin, where house prices increased 6.9%.

Outside of Dublin, property prices were 13.6% higher in the year to April, with house prices increasing by 12.9%.

The Mid-West showed the greatest price growth, with house prices rising by 18.7%, while the Border region had the least price growth of 9.3%. Apartment prices went up by 17.8%.

Despite all the increases, residential property prices nationally are 21.1% lower than the peak in February 2007.

Dublin residential property prices are 23.3% lower than their February 2007 peak, while residential property prices in the rest of the country are 26.1% lower than their May 2007 peak.

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