Here's what the CSO says the average shopper is buying

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has updated the 'basket of goods' it uses to track the price of goods in Ireland.

Officials review the contents of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) series every five years to make sure it is representative of what we are buying, to monitor inflation.

Bigger tvs, e-readers and streaming services have been included for the first time, but clock radios, disposable cameras and blank CDs have been taken out.

Avocados and sweet potatoes added to the CPI mix, while e-cigarette refills and craft beer have also been included.

Interestingly, champagne - which was removed from the basket five years ago - has made a return to this new listing.

Meanwhile, latest figures show the annual rate of inflation at 0.3% in January.

The CSO says the biggest increases were seen in areas like transport costs and restaurants and hotels.

On a monthly basis, consumer prices dropped by 0.5% in January.

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