Here is the county with the most punctual employees at meetings, according to a study

Research suggests being late for a meeting could cost a company €1,123 per year, per employee.

The research by Irish-based company 247meeting, which is based on 133,345 conference calls held in Ireland last year also suggests conference call meetings are starting around 12 minutes late on average, with six people on each call.

Basing their calculations on Ireland’s average annual full-time salary of €45,000 in 2017, they came up with the average cost of tardiness per year, per employee, of €1,123.

    They also found that:

  • The most productive meetings happen late in the morning;
  • Tuesday is the best day to hold a meeting for maximum impact, and if the purpose is to make decisions, the fewer people on the line the better;
  • In line with the human attention span, it is advisable not to schedule hour-long meetings. The best meetings are kept to around 35 minutes and an absolute maximum of 45 minutes.

At a local level, they concluded that Galway professionals are the most punctual to meetings with an average delay of only four minutes, but the tardiest are from Tipperary with an average delay of eight minutes.

However, Tipperary professionals also seem to get their business done more quickly with an average of only 33 minutes spent on meetings. Whereas, employees County Laois spend an average of 48 minutes in meetings.

Wexford people are the most "democratic", inviting on average 10 people in meetings, while Dublin, Portlaoise and Cork all try to have smaller audiences with usually six people joining.

Staff in Connacht take an average of 41 minutes on conference calls versus 37 minutes for Munster and Leinster.

They also usually invite more people to their meetings than their neighbours; an average of eight people attend in Connacht versus an average of six people in Cork and Munster.

The national average is five minutes delay for a 37-minute conference call with six participants.

Internationally, Ireland performs very well. The tardiest country is Italy, where a typical conference call will start with 10 minutes delay, while the US, Ireland and Netherlands are the most punctual with less than a six-minute delay.

Overall, people spend an average of two days per week in meetings and 50% of it is wasted.

Last year, the IMD World Competitiveness Centre in Switzerland ranked Ireland as the sixth most competitive country in the world, based on 260 indicators.

However, in the IMD's first-ever listing on digital competitiveness for 2017, Ireland did not even make the top 20.

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