Half of tech professionals fear age will damage career prospects

Over one-third of tech professionals aged 40-44 worry that their age will have a negative impact on their future career.

The Harvey Nash Technology Survey 2018 revealed that once workers reach the 40 milestone, their perceived future career success plummets.

By 45, almost half (46%) of tech professionals take a negative view of their own age and believe it works against them. While only 22% believe that their age is an asset.

Worrying about ageism starts early for those working in the tech sector. Almost 30% of 18-24-year-olds in the industry believe that their age works against them.

Those age 25-29 are the most comfortable with their age when it comes to working in tech as the majority (63%) view their age as a positive force.

"Ageism is a hidden inclusion issue," says Sonya Curley, managing director, Harvey Nash Ireland.

"We live in uncertain times, but there are steps employees and employers alike can take to help build more resilient and inclusive workplaces and ensure everyone, regardless of their age, can enjoy fuller and longer working lives. It has to start with an open and honest conversation.”

Professionals who work for "very innovative" organisations were found to be less likely to feel negative about their age.

Those who are involved in management or have Gandalf-style roles (architects, support engineers) do not believe their age has a big impact on their careers.

Workers who invest in courses or training - at any age - led to less ’age negative’ feelings.

"There is something to be said for employers to be more forthcoming with courses and training that will enable these young people to grow into the type of job roles - management or highly experienced Gandalf-style roles - that protect against ageism in later life," said Mr Curley.

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