Google Chrome browser to block annoying ads

Google Chrome browser to block annoying ads

Google says its Chrome browser will soon block ads it deems too annoying for web users.

The internet giant's announcement comes as hundreds of millions of users have already installed blockers on their computers and phones to combat ads that track them and make browsing websites difficult, such as pop-up ads.

These blockers threaten web publishers that rely on digital ads for revenue.

Starting next year, Google's version will allow ads as long as publishers follow guidelines that ban certain types that consumers really hate.

They includes pop-up ads, huge ads that do not go away when a user scrolls down a page, and videos that start playing automatically with the sound on.

Google said the feature will be turned on by default, and users can turn it off.

It will work on the desktop and mobile versions of Chrome.

Google said that even ads it sells and manages will be blocked on websites that do not get rid of annoying types of ads.

The company is also starting a programme that would help publishers deal with users who have downloaded popular ad blockers.

Some individual websites have come up with their own counter-measures., for example, will not let users read stories without disabling an ad blocker or logging in with Facebook or Google accounts, so the site can track them.

Google would work with websites to set up messages telling users to disable blockers for the site or pay for a version of it with no ads. It will take a 10% cut of those payments.

Facebook is trying to make links from inside its universe less spammy for users. It says it is trying to cut down on posts and ads in the news feed that lead to pages with "little substantive content" and "disruptive, shocking or malicious ads".


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