ESRI recommends increasing age at which people get state pension

A new economic report suggests workers should be forced to wait an extra five years for their pension.

The ESRI think-tank says 70 should be the new age for statutory retirement.

The theory is that people are living longer so the Government needs to change its State budgets.

Head of Advocacy with Age Action Justin Moran says the retirement age and the pension age are two different issues.

He said: "People want to continue working, want to continue contributing to the economy, want to contribute dealing with the sustainability of issues around the state pension, why not let them?

"What we are talking about is a very radcial change to the astate pension system which would increase the age at which people would get the state pension.

"Many people, by-the-way, we would encounter they don't even know it's going up to 67 in 2021 or 68 in 2028."

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