Brexit ‘like a truck rumbling in the distance’

Brexit is a bit like an articulated lorry coming over the brow of the hill — we can hear the rumble, the ground is shaking, we know it is going to be big… but we cannot see how it looks or what load it is carrying.

That’s how the European Agriculture and Rural Development Commissioner Phil Hogan described the current position when he addressed an Irish Hauliers-organised Brexit event in Rosslare, Co Wexford.

He said Brexit will happen 10 months from now. So the challenge is to be as prepared as possible, for as many outcomes as possible — including the worst ones.

“There are no winners in Brexit. It is a matter of doing the least amount of damage. We know Brexit is going to give us a knock.

“We cannot afford to leave any stone unturned in our preparation. Brexit is mostly beyond our control. But the heaviness of the blow, and how we respond to it, is very much under our control. The more we prepare, the easier it will be for us to shake off the effects and continue to improve our quality of life.”

he said.

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