Airbnb estimated to be worth over €700m to the Irish economy last year

Airbnb estimated to be worth over €700m to the Irish economy last year

Airbnb host income and guest spending were estimated to be worth over €700m to the Irish economy in 2018 and globally exceeded €86 bn across 30 countries, according to data released by the company today.

Almost 1.8 million visitors to Ireland last year used Airbnb for some, or all, of their visit to the country.

Travellers who stayed with Airbnb spent an estimated €537m in Ireland during their trip, or €116 on average per day, providing a significant impact on local economies and communities.

Hosts in Ireland also saw a boost to their income, collectively earning almost €168m by sharing their space on Airbnb in 2018.

The data reveals the most popular destinations for visitors outside the main urban centres in Ireland.

Based on visitor numbers in 2018, the top five destinations in Ireland for Airbnb guests are:

  • Killarney
  • Dingle
  • Westport
  • Tralee
  • Kilkenny

Speaking about the release of the data, Jean Hoey, Public Policy Lead for Ireland, said:

“Airbnb has transformed the way people travel, helping visitors to stay and explore in Ireland beyond the traditional destinations and hotspots.

Our community of hosts and guests is helping to spread the benefits of domestic and overseas tourism and putting money in the pockets of local families, businesses and communities.

"With new regulations coming into effect on Monday, we are continuing to work with our host community to help them understand and comply with the new rules.”

This growth is accompanied by insights from the Airbnb community, which found:

  • The majority of overseas visitors to Ireland arrived from the USA, followed by Great Britain, France and Germany
  • Domestic travel made up almost 20% of all Airbnb guest arrivals across Ireland
  • 79% of guests who stayed with Airbnb in Ireland say they use the platform to live like a local
  • Around the world 50% of travellers who saved money staying with Airbnb spent it in the neighbourhood they call home during their trip
  • Those who say Airbnb impacted the length of their stay on average added 4.3 days to their trip
  • Guests are also benefiting from hosts’ knowledge of the local area, with 84% of hosts saying they recommend restaurants and cafes to guests and 69% offering their knowledge on cultural activities such as museums, festivals and historical sites

Around the world, the Airbnb community generated over €86 billion in estimated direct economic impact across 30 countries.

Airbnb listings are not concentrated in any one market, and no one city accounts for more than 1% of listings worldwide.

Airbnb Direct Economic Impact in 2018 (30 countries).

Based on Host Income and Estimated Guest Spending- in USD during trip:

  • 1. USA: 33.8 billion
  • 2. France: 10.8 billion
  • 3. Spain: 6.9 billion
  • 4. Italy: 6.4 billion
  • 5. UK: 5.6 billion
  • 6. Australia: 4.4 billion
  • 7. Canada 4.3 billion
  • 8. Japan: 3.5 billion
  • 9. Mexico: 2.7 billion
  • 10. Portugal: 2.3 billion
  • 11. Germany: 2.3 billion
  • 12. China: 2.3 billion
  • 13. Brazil 2.1 billion
  • 14. Greece: 1.4 billion
  • 15. Netherlands: 1.3 billion
  • 16. Korea: 1.2 billion
  • 17. Thailand: 1.1 billion
  • 18. New Zealand: 912 million
  • 19. Croatia: 910 million
  • 20. Ireland: 832 million
  • 21. Malaysia: 734 million
  • 22. South Africa: 685 million
  • 23. Argentina: 664 million
  • 24. Denmark: 654 million
  • 25. Switzerland: 651 million
  • 26. Austria: 625 million
  • 27. Indonesia: 593 million
  • 28. Philippines: 586 million
  • 29. Colombia: 560 million
  • 30. Czech Republic: 555 million

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