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"If my sisters and I were a litter of pubs, I would be the runt"

8pm, Sligo — and life has transposed, like it always does, into a scene from The Edwardian Farm. 


Professional sport is too corrupt too often

THE Corinthian view of sport, one that imagined it a test of courage, skill and honour, may seem hopelessly, pathetically romantic today.


More forceful intervention needed

BUSINESS and social interests do not always run in harmony. Conflict is almost inevitable and we have a long record of appeasement, of tolerating something we might find unattractive because jobs are involved or at least promised.


If the cap fits ...

ONE of the great challenges facing us all is to have the courage and honesty to see ourselves as others see us. It is not always a cheering experience, but it is always worthwhile.

Independent TD Catherine Murphy outside the High Court in relation to the Denis O'Brien case.

Enda’s failure to speak up for parliamentary privilege

The Taoiseach was sadly silent on the legal attempt to prevent Denis O’Brien’s finances being discussed in the Dáil, and was remiss in not defending TDs’ democratic right, writes Shaun Connolly


State operates under a veil of secrecy

The culture of secrecy was a handy tool in power centres when this was a poor, underdeveloped state, writes Michael Clifford.



Roscommon has long been a hotbed of independent thought, I’ll have you know

I was astonished by Jennifer Hough’s article (Irish Examiner, May 26) re the Roscommon vote on same-sex marriage. She implies it was a stain on the Roscommon family escutcheon.


Could we be living a lie like the animals in Orwell’s Animal Farm?

Spot the difference between the following two statements;


IBRC is not a normal bank as taxpayer bailed it out

I would suggest there is a difference between personal and business bank accounts particularly when these business accounts involve transactions with a state owned bank bailed out by the Irish taxpayer.


Wasteful dumping of fish

May I congratulate Liadh Ní Riada, and the other Irish working in Brussels, on a great deal for Irish fishermen. 


We have learned all the bad habits of the British

Tim Pat Coogan’s excellent biography of Michael Collins highlighted the method that successive British governments employed to sate public opinion when they controlled Ireland.