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Pregnant rape victim, 10, denied abortion in Paraguay

Paraguay’s decision to deny a pregnant 10-year-old girl an abortion after she was allegedly raped by her stepfather has sparked a national debate over the country’s strict abortion laws.

Marine Le Pen with father Jean-Marie Le Pen

France’s Le Pen hits back at daughter after suspension

National Front founder Jean-Marie Le Pen hit back at daughter and party leader Marine after she suspended him from the far-right French movement, saying he hopes she loses the 2017 presidential election.

James Holmes

Cinema gunman asked if children were hurt in attack

Batman cinema gunman James Holmes asked police: “There weren’t any children hurt, were there?” hours after his arrest.


40 migrants die in sea crossing

Around 40 migrants died in the Mediterranean on Sunday, according to survivors of the journey who arrived on the southern Italian island of Sicily, local Save the Children spokeswoman Giovanna Di Benedetto said.


Human traffickers target Nepal girls

Human traffickers are targeting tens of thousands of women from regions in Nepal left destroyed by last month’s devastating earthquake.


Political deadlock looms in Britain

Britain is facing into weeks of political deadlock as both main parties seemed set to fall far short of a majority in tomorrow’s election.


Queen meets great-grandchild Charlotte

The Queen has met her great grandchild Princess Charlotte at Kensington Palace.


Syria barrel bomb use condemned

Syrian government forces are targeting civilians in barrel bomb attacks in Aleppo that have forced hospitals and schools to move underground, Amnesty International said.


IS claims responsibility for attack on Texas caricature exhibit

IS has claimed responsibility for an attack on a Texas exhibit of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad in which the two gunmen were killed.


Spying row sees attack on Merkel

German conservatives warned their Social Democrat (SPD) partners not to score points in a row over the activities of the BND intelligence agency after an attack on Chancellor Angela Merkel by the SPD chief threatened unity in the coalition.

Mike Huckabee

Huckabee enters White House race

Republican Mike Huckabee entered the race for his party’s 2016 presidential nomination, looking to break out from an ever-widening field by drawing on the support of social conservatives attuned to his culture-warrior message.


Probe over ‘Top Gear’ use of word ‘pikey’

Top Gear could be heading for more trouble after communications watchdog Ofcom confirmed it was investigating a complaint over the use of the word “pikey”.


Quirky World: Wife puts end to fantasy of runner who kissed husband

Some of the quirky stories from around the world.