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Rising expectations - Too early for any tax and pay bonanza

THREE developments yesterday suggested that we should be very cautious about allowing expectations around the idea of significant pay increases gather a momentum that cannot be satisfied. 


WHO warns on Irish obesity - New tactics to win war on fat

ALARM bells have been ringing so loudly and for so very long about the escalating obesity epidemic that it is difficult to make the kind of impression that might help avert the crisis.


Cork Airport debt - Proposals please

THE assurance given yesterday by Dublin Airport Authority chief executive Kevin Toland that Cork Airport’s €200m debt is not a factor in its current difficulties is a welcome clarification but it does not change the impression that the facility seems caught in a spiral of decline. His assertion was echoed by Cork Airport managing director Niall MacCarthy.


Social partnership is back on track. It’s not a move in Wright direction

Next week, social partnership, under a different name, will be resurrected and restarted writes Gerard Howlin



No evidence that ‘yes’ vote good for economy

According to the chief executive of IDA Ireland, a ‘yes’ vote in the referendum would be ‘good for business’. This is a curious assertion because there is no evidence in any jurisdiction, where same-sex marriage is lawful that it had any impact whatsoever on their prosperity.


Please explain why ‘Christians’ are resorting to such vitriol over love

Evert Bopp (Irish Examiner, Letters, April 24) was selective when writing about the information used by the ‘no’ campaign on their posters and literature.


Britain and US offered condolences for Stalin

There has been much commentary on Éamon de Valera infamous condolences to the German ambassador on the death of Adolf Hitler, 70 years ago.


Giving inalienable rights to gay husbands or wives is a step too far

The Referendum Commission’s booklet arrived yesterday. It is admirably clear.


We need to create spaces for speaking Irish

I refer to an editorial headline in the Irish Examiner recently: “Flogging An Capall Marbh”.