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Flight MH17 aftermath - Harrowing fragments of humanity

Authorities in Ukraine yesterday released a photograph of the arrival by train to government-held territory of the remains of those who died onboard Malaysia Airline plane MH17.


Human rights record - Failures in the spotlight

The UN Human Rights Committee will tomorrow deliver its final verdict on Ireland’s human rights record in light of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which the State ratified in 1989.


We, the voters, are just as much to blame for the rot at the top

How do we restore trust in and credibility to our institutions, asks Gerard Howlin?



Smoking out the facts and figures

You reported, last Friday (July 18), the claim by the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) that the rate of tobacco smuggling is falling, and that this should enable the Government to increase tax on cigarettes.


Now Israel is guilty of genocide

We are encouraged, and encourage our children, to remember the horrors of the Holocaust.


Drinks on the house

It is reported that money owed by members of the Oireachtas to the in-house restaurant/bar may be passed to a debt-collection agency.


Big Brother is watching

Banks, mobile phone companies and government push the public to do business online, without considering that the cost of a secure broadband service is beyond the financial means of many pensioners.


People need to speak up against the violence

The real question about Gaza is: Would we allow what’s happening there to happen in Northern Ireland? (Letters, July 22)