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Predictions for 2014 are guaranteed to be just as accurate as last year's

WHAT on earth is a decent hard-working witch to do? There I was, ready, as always at this time of the year, to predict the future for all of you, and to ensure that you'd have no surprises throughout 2014.


New year dawns - Embrace life as Kerry teen urged

"Time is a great teacher but unfortunately it kills all its pupils." Hector Berlioz, French composer 1803 — 1869


Restoring power - Gratitude to selfless staff

Over the last few days we got a relatively minor glimpse of how, despite our vanities, nature can change our lives, of how storm conditions can deny us the essentials we rely on to make our world comfortable.



The great German funding myth

Matt Cooper says during the property bubble "money poured into this country's banks" from institutions in Germany and France (Opinion, Dec 27). In saying this, he is lazily rehashing a claim which is often made, but is also entirely false.


Enlighten me, please

While visiting a relative in Bishopstown, Cork, I found myself at 6pm in a estate without street lighting while all other parks in the vicinity were well lit.


Back in the stable... and back in our box

Jose Manuel Barosso was quite rightly apoplectic and inconsolable, Herman Achille Van Rompuy was incandescent with indignation, Olli Rehn was incensed and infuriated, Mario Draghi was extremely vexed while Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schaueble were exasperated.


Free children from shackles of Asperger's title

Hans Asperger, the erstwhile prominent Viennese paediatrician, could never have envisaged the global phenomenological fervour which enveloped and exponentially developed his collated observations on the perceived 'psychopathy' exhibited by some children with apparent communication, social-skillset, peer-empathy and physical adroitness issues.


Memorabilia of MV Kerlogue on display

I refer to the interesting article by Richard Fitzpatrick (Lifestyle, Dec 27) commemorating the 70th anniversary of the MV Kerlogue rescue of 168 Germans in the Bay of Biscay in 1943 in the aftermath of one of many naval battles fought during WW II.