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Russia leading the way in protectionist policies

Russia put more protectionist policies in place than any other country in 2013, closely followed by neighbouring Belarus, according to data from Global Trade Alert, a leading independent trade monitoring service.


Twitter diversity can help spark better ideas

The stampede for Twitter shares recently culminated in the company's founders and early investors becoming even wealthier.


Automakers facing e-car sound dilemma

Christoph Meier, a sound engineer at Mercedes-Benz, typically spends time making engine noise less jarring. For the carmaker's new electric models, he's had to do the opposite — create sound.

The threat of a strike at ESB has brought the pension issues to the fore, but the State has been slow to implement solutions that are fair and affordable.

Pensions nettle has yet to be fully grasped

When people start talking about their pension, you know that they are old, or else old before their time.


Skiing holiday numbers rise

More than 10,000 people will travel from Cork Airport to ski resorts over the coming weeks — the highest for the region since the recession began.

Paul Brady: IMRO board member

Irish musicians share €32.4m royalties bonanza

Musicians including U2, Paul Brady and Christy Moore, along with thousands of other Irish musicians, last year shared €32.4m from the public performance and broadcast of their songs.


Growth to continue for 2014, says tourism body

The Irish Tourist Industry Confederation believes that 2014 will be a year of further growth as the industry reported its strongest set of figures since 2009.


State bank will aid '20k new jobs'

The head of the Small Firms Association, AJ Noonan, says a state investment bank is crucial to creating 20,000 jobs in 2014.