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We're losing all our serendipity to Google

I'M a great believer in serendipity, using it as a perfectly adequate substitution for hard work. The word means happy accident or fortunate mistake.

Columnist Joanne O'Riordan

Let's lose the doom and gloom for a week...

RECENTLY, my brother and I were chatting about how much doom and gloom there is in the country. We both agreed that we are sick of it. We said 'imagine if the Irish were like the Americans — always saying how awesome things are' and so on?


There's no such thing as a 'bad' children's book

YESTERDAY I got to see a proof of the forthcoming paperback edition of (shameless plug alert) my book The Liberty Tree, all fantastic graphics and fantastic review quotes (end of shameless plug), and it made me feel so glad that (a) my book exists and (b) all books exist.


Political indifference - We become uncivilised by the day

Things are getting better, they say. The economy is picking up. We have turned the corner in fixing the nation's finances. The economy will grow again next year. We will soon say slán to our troika babysitters.


US ambassador - Post must be filled

The absence of a US ambassador to Ireland since last December has been bitterly criticised by leaders of the Irish-American community who supported President Barack Obama and now feel betrayed.

Columnist Terry Prone

Don't trust posterity. The present is always merciless about the past

IT'S always puzzling that recruiters ask the question: "Where do you see yourself in five years' time?"



Redmond's Folly

The commemorative wall, engraved with the names of over 1,100 Waterford men who died serving with the British Forces in the First World War, should be copied in other Irish cities and towns.


Labour should hang head in shame

As a result of the budget, a 22-year-old graduate on a JobsBridge would have to work for 23 years to earn what Enda Kenny does in a year. The graduate would work for 102 years to make what Richie Boucher (CEO of Bank of Ireland) does in a year.


The greatest Irishman?

It is right and fitting that Michael Collins be honoured in the military barracks that bears his noble name. Michael Collins was an outstanding Irishman, a true and tragic hero.


This inequitable budget is the last straw

This horrible budget promotes inequality — giving to the banks and the wealthy, while taking from the vulnerable and needy.


We need pride in our city again

When we lose a loved one we need to grieve and then we try to move on. We have grieved the demise of the Celtic Tiger long enough, it is time to move on.