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Gilmore holds out hope to expats

Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore says he is concerned with ensuring young emigrants have opportunities abroad to allow them to return home some day with even more experience.

Responding to the results of a study published yesterday by UCC on the brain drain effects of emigration from Ireland, Mr Gilmore said: "We need to provide opportunities at home to allow young people to return.

"We have been conscious of what the agencies are doing in talking with companies and drawing their attention to the talent that’s available in Ireland, not just living in Ireland but the talent that has left and has come home when the opportunities are there.

"Once job opportunities are available to them, I expect a lot of them will return. I am certainly very conscious that the work we’re doing to create jobs at home is not just for the people who have stayed at home but also for the people who have emigrated and may wish to return."

He yesterday had several phonecalls with Washington DC politicians and meetings with Irish-American immigration lobbyists regarding the ongoing battle for immigration reform.

The Tánaiste will visit an Irish enclave in Yonkers today to open a new wing at an Irish immigration centre as well as watch the first half of the All-Ireland hurling final.