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Real reason for bee collapse

I read with interest John Hearne’s article on the decline of the bee population (Forum, Sept 13) caused by colony collapse disorder (CCD), where various possible reasons for the decline were discussed.

However, it was disappointing yet again to see the omission of the main cause of CCD, which is microwave radiation. Is it not about time this open secret was discussed by the media before it is too late?

Must advertising revenue and sponsorship always come before the truth — even if it means threatening the world’s food supply on which we depend for survival? All knowledgeable and independent scientists now accept the growth of the mobile phone industry and our addiction to all things wireless has coincided, not just with the decline of bee populations, but also with an increase in public health problems.

The microwaves interfere with the bees’ magnetic compass, they become disorientated, cannot find their way back to the hive and die. In a recent experiment a wi-fi transmitter was placed near some bee hives. When it was switched on, all the hives nearest to the transmitter emptied. The bees did not return. The other hives — protected from the radiation — remained functioning as normal. Microwave specialist scientist Barrie Trower has written a paper on bee CCD which has the full support of all scientists — biologists and physicists who have expertise in this field. Read the online BioInitiative Report for the full horror story of what we are doing to ourselves and our environment.

Ireland has been a ‘Test & Trial’ country since 2004/5 so that any communications company can come here and trial any frequency they choose on a living population — such experimentation would affect all life forms. Microwave emissions in the US are high, but not as high as the UK. Ireland’s emissions are on a par with the UK.

Microwaves work through water, and as Ireland has a damp climate signals are even stronger. We therefore have the dubious honour of having the highest levels of microwave radiation pollution in the world.

Since 1976 the US, Russian and European governments have accepted microwaves cause tumours, suicidal tendencies and destruction of the immune system, leading to eventual death if exposure to the radiation is continued.

Ireland has the highest cancer and suicide rates in the world which is the only possible outcome coinciding as it does with the highest microwave emissions. We are, literally, the sick man of Europe.

So how much longer is the media going to continue the blackout on this issue? .

Helen Corcoran
Co Kilkenny