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President Obama speaks at the Let Freedom Ring ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

Obama: US struggling to realise Martin Luther King's dream

The US is struggling to fully realise the vision that civil rights leader Martin Luther King described in his 'I have a dream' speech 50 years ago, as the goal of economic security for all remains elusive, President Barack Obama said yesterday.


Syrians stock up as US plans air strikes

People in Damascus stocked up on supplies last night and some left homes close to potential targets as US officials sketched out plans for multi-national air strikes on Syria that could last for days.

A man looks at an artwork representing Russia's president Vladimir Putin and  prime minister Dmitry Medvedev by Russian artist Konstantin Altunin. Picture: Getty Images

Putin lingerie artist flees Russia after police raid

Russian police raided an exhibition and confiscated a painting that portrayed president Vladimir Putin and prime minister Dmitry Medvedev lounging together in women's lingerie.

Guo Bin recuperates from an attack in the rural area of Linfen city that left him blind.

Blinded 6-year-old does not know his eyes were gouged out

A six-year-old Chinese boy who had his eyes gouged out does not know he has been blinded and asks his family why the sun has yet to rise, state media said.


Patient speaks of noise of saw during surgery without anaesthetic

Most surgeons expect complete silence from their patients when they are in the operating theatre.

Alimihan Seyiti is 127 years old, according to a Chinese government website.

Doubts as China claims world's oldest citizen at 127

A Chinese government news portal has claimed that a woman in China's remote far west is 127 years old, making her the oldest person ever to have lived — but experts raised questions over the supposed record.