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Refreshing Francis throws down gauntlet

In a pontificate of less than three weeks Pope Francis has radically shifted the symbolism of gesture and how the core beliefs and concerns of Christianity are conveyed.


The cost of courage

Eamon Gilmore's Labour party will be licking its wounds after the Meath East by-election for some time to come.


The Coalition twosome has left Labour feeling unloved

SEX, lies and audiotape dominated a telling few days in Irish politics.



Cypriot debacle a sign that 'Troikanomics' has not worked

Well, a run on the banks, the imposition of capital controls in a eurozone country and the ground cut from under its economy.


Show Trap the door and bring back Mick McCarthy

Now that Mr Trapattoni is likely to get the door after this latest result (2-2 draw against Austria), let's welcome back Mick McCarthy to the position, a man who in my opinion was unfairly treated by the suits at FAI headquarters last time round.