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Legality of imposing property tax questioned

Property tax is fundamentally unjust and no government has the right to impose it.

God knows nobody enjoys paying taxes, but everybody knows we need to support the government and the infrastructures they provide. Therefore, any project that generates wealth is at least open to being taxed — although the level of taxation is subject to discussion. But to "tax" personal property that is not generating wealth, and may even be a financial liability in the first place, is simple theft. It would be refreshing to hear our spiritual leaders proclaim this, as it is very clear theology.

In California when property tax was introduced in the later 20th century, people were forced out of their legal homes when the inspector assessed their property — which they had no intention of selling — and then proceeded to slap a huge tax bill — on the wealth they had not generated. That is exactly what can happen here if we allow this to proceed. It was better when they arrived in longboats with winged helmets. And here in Ireland, it has never been categorically stated that this tax is even legal within our juridical system. Is it not actually a voluntary contract, which the property owner consents to when he or she registers? Some of us have sent formal requests for this to be clarified, and have so far received no answer.

Michael O’Farrell
Co Cork