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Young scientists - Education is more vital than ever

In the industrial age, 80% of people were hired for their skills from the neck down, but in today's information age, 80% are hired for their attributes from the neck up.


Alarms for elderly - Cutbacks hit vulnerable

The Carers' Association have expressed outrage at the decision of the Department of the Environment to cut the senior alert scheme budget by over half, from €2.24m in 2012 to €1.15m this year.



Bethany Home issue not ignored

With reference to the recent article by Victoria White and subsequent editorial comment concerning the Bethany Home, it should be made clear that the Church of Ireland has not ignored the issues raised by former residents.


Legality of imposing property tax questioned

Property tax is fundamentally unjust and no government has the right to impose it.


Absurd assertions

The absurd assertion by the Government that it will create 100,000 jobs by 2016 is as anomalous as saying that Kilkenny will win the Sam Maguire Cup or that a donkey will win the Epsom Derby.


Union flag in Dublin

It has been reported that Willie Frazer may be visiting Dublin to ask the Taoiseach to lower our national flag.