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Gathering storm: Byrne brings home truth

GABRIEL Byrne hit a nerve last week with a few home truths.


It's useless to expect competence from Fine Gael brass

YOU can have an implausibility of gnus, a deceit of lapwings, and a sneak of weasels, but what would the collective noun for a group of ex-Fine Gael leaders be? Ah, yes — a uselessness.


The world's most important relationship

Earlier this week, as the US returned President Barack Obama to the White House for another four-year term, China's Communist Party gathered in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to orchestrate a once-in-a-decade leadership transition.


Pot, kettle, black...

When a neighbour tells you that you're delusional it's usually time to listen.



Bullying and the school

There is a lot of debate about bullying in school.


Setting an example

Your editorial "Wear poppy with pride" (Nov 4) ignores the fact that the poppy does not just commemorate the World Wars but also all campaigns conducted by the British Army since 1918 — including their less than savoury exploits in Ireland and other colonies.


The only ones shouldering debt burden are taxpayers

Burden sharing was part of the 2011 election manifestos of FG & Labour.


A card for Seán Quinn

For those of us enlightened ones who feel strongly that Seán Quinn was jailed unjustly, why not send him a Christmas card to Mountjoy Prison.