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Time for live debate on assisted suicide

THE programme was going well until this guy, Philip Nitschke, popped up on the screen.


I see an opportunity to reform role of Catholic bishops

DESIGNED as territories of spiritual and temporal control, Ireland's diocesan structures date from the Synod of Kells in 1152. The bishop was a spiritual 'capo' and a lord who ruled.


Merkel position is a real slap in the face

A lot of the political activity around restoring the euro's sustainability has fallen into the one-step-forwards two-steps-backwards category.


Farewell Frankel

One of man's sustaining joys, one of his anchors, is that, no matter how bleak things seem, if you look hard enough you will find magnificence all around you. No one will have to look too hard today.



Animal-testing reforms need to be debated

New regulations governing animal experimentation are due before the Dáil.


Our offshore potential neglected by government

Your editorial of Monday, Oct 15 asked who would benefit from the oil drilling.


Incinerator loss is our gain

I refer to your article "Exporting waste — opportunity squandered" which appeared on Tuesday.


Sex 'trade' merchants oppose laws because the laws work

Why do those behind Ireland's sex 'trade' oppose Sweden's anti-prostitution and trafficking laws?


Who will care for the carers?

We wish to express our disappointment, frustration and anger at the cuts the Government are proposing before Christmas.