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Taxing question of what we should do with our own oil discoveries

THE country's main domestic gas provider is being allowed to put up its prices by 8.5%, following on a 20% price increase over the last year.


Bizarre cost of reform - Ridiculous waste at a time of need

Even at the best of times life can throw up situations so bizarre, so off kilter that they challenge everyday logic to the extent that they make it difficult to know whether to laugh or to cry.


World food prices - A looming challenge

The food riots of 2008 were a reminder of our infallibility and of how precarious life can be for the great swathes of humanity living at the very edge of subsistence.



Landlords and UCC students' behaviour

I refer to your report (Sept 4) of a meeting of the Joint Policing Committee to discuss student behaviour at which landlords were criticised for not attending; and also clearly blamed for some of the problems.


Need for Youghal waste water treatment plant now more urgent

I am a resident of Youghal (and have been for the past 35 years).


Shut the Seanad and put health of the nation first

Last week in Clonmel Hospital 20 people lay on trolleys in the corridors while 60 members of the Seanad are paid to be on holidays.


Holiday weather

Invariably, over my lifetime I and many of us have remarked how the weather always seems to improve just as the children have gone back to school after their summer holidays.