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Mark, father of Anthony, at the funeral of Anthony Ward in Charlevillle

'I have no badness in my heart for her'

In a heart-rending act of reconciliation, Mark Ryan spoke of his 10-year friendship with Diane Ward, the mother of his child, who is accused of killing the boy at her home in North Cork last Monday.


Reilly paid six outside advisers €131k

Embattled Health Minister James Reilly was under renewed fire last night for paying outside advisers €21,000 each for just six weeks' work, despite ordering drastic cuts to frontline services for the disabled.


ECB plan could greatly cut Ireland's borrowing costs

The ECB's ambitious plan to restore stability to the eurozone could greatly reduce the cost of borrowing for Ireland when it exits the EU/IMF bailout programme at the end of next year.


'They were very pretty girls and a nice, happy family'

A neighbour of the British family who were brutally killed in the French Alps has described Saad al Hilli as a "massively helpful man" and "a wonderful engineer".


Murder in the Alps and the four-year-old who hid under corpses

Nearly 24 hours later, there is still no idea why three members of a British family were gunned down in an act of “savagery” in the French Alps.



Bill sets the stage for Hillary's 2016 White House bid

Former US president Bill Clinton's speech to the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night served as a high-energy validation of Barack Obama's policies — and may also have started setting the stage for another White House bid by his wife, Hillary.


Putin refuses to shift pro-Assad stance

President Vladimir Putin signalled in an interview aired yesterday that Russia was not ready to shift its stance on Syria, and suggested Western nations were relying on groups such as al Qaeda to help drive President Bashar al-Assad from power.


Obama uses speech to fire up supporters

President Barack Obama pronounced himself eager to go before the Democratic National Convention and the nation to share his vision for the future in a speech designed not just to persuade undecided voters but to put fire in the belly of his supporters.



Ireland seek fresh start after Euros heartache

It will be only five o'clock at home this evening but ten o'clock at night here in Kazakhstan when Ireland kick off their World Cup qualifying campaign in the intimate but impressive surroundings of the Astana Arena.


Spillane: Donegal fans assaulted me

Kerry football pundit Pat Spillane has confirmed he was assaulted by a number of Donegal fans after he left Croke Park following Donegal's All-Ireland semi-final victory over Cork two weeks ago.


Roche: I got Barry call wrong in 2005, but so would most referees

Sweating and feeling "absolutely wrecked", Seamus Roche retired to his changing room under the Cusack Stand after the 2005 All-Ireland semi-final.


Final Debate

How much influence can a manager really have over the referee? We've heard a lot about Brian Cody's comments on refereeing ahead of Sunday's final, but does it have any effect? We spoke to a couple of managers who've been on the same sideline as the Kilkenny man in the past...


Shefflin on the verge of medal history

When Henry Shefflin steps once again into the Croke Park arena on Sunday he does so in the sure knowledge that he is on the edge of history.



'Big bazooka' plan could cut cost of Irish borrowing

The cost of Ireland's borrowing could be significantly lowered over the next 15 months by the ECB's 'big bazooka' plan to buy sovereign bonds as the country prepares to return to the markets.


Bad news for tracker mortgages as ECB holds interest rate at 0.75%

The decision by the ECB to hold the main interest rate at 0.75% will come as bad news for tracker mortgage holders, although it is highly unlikely it would have made any difference to holders of standard variable rate mortgages.


Noonan to push for debt deal

Finance minister Michael Noonan will meet his counterparts in France, Germany and Italy individually next week as Dublin steps up its push to strike a deal on easing the terms of its costly bank bailout by next month.


ECB's decision on unlimited bond purchases hailed as 'game changer'

The ECB decision to make unlimited purchases of three-year bonds for stressed eurozone member states is being hailed as a game changer, although it does not guarantee the euro will survive.


State borrowing cost 'five times too high'

The cost of government borrowing compared to Germany is five times higher than it should be — given the strength of the economy — because of instability in the eurozone, according to the OECD.



Taxing question of what we should do with our own oil discoveries

THE country's main domestic gas provider is being allowed to put up its prices by 8.5%, following on a 20% price increase over the last year.


Bizarre cost of reform - Ridiculous waste at a time of need

Even at the best of times life can throw up situations so bizarre, so off kilter that they challenge everyday logic to the extent that they make it difficult to know whether to laugh or to cry.


World food prices - A looming challenge

The food riots of 2008 were a reminder of our infallibility and of how precarious life can be for the great swathes of humanity living at the very edge of subsistence.