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De-Lux win for Nicola in Tralee

After six hours of live TV, 32 Roses, and a bizarre mixture of missing cows, rock stars and air hostesses, Cork-born emigrant and Luxembourg Rose Nicola McEvoy has been named 2012 Rose of Tralee.

The announcement led to wild celebrations among her fans, in her adopted continental home, the Dome itself and her grandparents, May and Jim McCarthy, who were watching from their home in Kinsale. ""

Teacher Nicola wowed audiences by singing La Vie En Rose on Monday.

"I’m sure there’s a big crowd in the Black Stuff pub tonight in Luxembourg and there’ll be a few sore heads tomorrow," she joked, adding that her boyfriend, Blarney-born Eamon Dunne, is looking forward to being a full-time escort.

"I never even imagined this would take place. I was going back to Luxembourg to get on with my life. Well, things have changed."

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