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Genetic modification - Our green image must be protected

The Environmental Protection Agency has agreed to Teagasc conducting trials on a genetically modified potato that would improve resistance to blight.


Media scrutiny - Flights of fancy

Transport Minister Leo Varadkar's audacity seems to know no bounds.


Energetic Springsteen puts music and fans first as Madonna slips up

ARGUABLY the lowest point of Tuesday evening came when Madonna dropped her trousers.



Ambulance crews deserve respect

Recent public and media comment on the issue of pay and increments in the public sector makes no effort to distinguish between the circumstances and roles of different public sector employees in receipt of these payments.


Disputing facts about fluoride

Mr Waugh in his recent letter on the link between fluoride and atherosclerosis (Letters, Jul 23) fails to point out that the fluoride involved in this study was part of a whole-body sodium fluoride dose administered by intravenous injection in nuclear medicine for the treatment of cancerous tumours.


Bantry needs a marina without delay

Following my holiday break in Bantry over the weekend for the visit of our superb President Michael D Higgins for the launch of the Atlantic challenge, I wish to say the following.


We should reform Oireachtas rather than cut benefits to needy

The British Prime Minister David Cameron is attempting some spectacular reform in the House of Lords.


Treasure hunt

Would the owners of that fabled €13 trillion please identify themselves?


Anglo endorsements

I am ignorant of the workings of the financial world but, about I was recently asked: "Who are — or were — Anglo Irish Bank?"