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RTÉ's future is safe in the hands of honest and skilled Tom Savage

SINCE we're all going to vote on Thursday (I hope), this is my last chance to write about the referendum. Before I do, I can't resist saying something about the Tom Savage conspiracy.


Socialists a study in scaremongering as Enda stays on sunny side

Finally, the campaign for the referendum nobody really wanted, about the thing nobody really understands, was peaking.


Renewable energy - It's time to plan rather than hope

The vast majority of energy consumed on this island, a figure of around 90%, is imported.


Brokerage in difficulty - Clarity is needed

The credibility of the financial services sector is in the spotlight again after the Central Bank ordered stockbroker Bloxham to cease all regulated activities following the discovery of what were described as "financial irregularities" at the securities firm.



Job prospects for speech therapists

In response to a letter published in the Irish Examiner on May 18, the Irish Association of Speech & Language Therapists consider it important to clarify some of the issues highlighted.


Why we cannot take chances

The no people want us to send a clear message to Europe and the world that we, the proud Irish, will only accept those bits of 'austerity' which we like (ie none!), that we will only play by those already agreed rules which suit us (even fewer!) — and that, anyway, austerity is only a nasty type of kinky fringe-sadism thought up by a bunch of crazy academics in the Chicago School of Economics.


ESM referendum

We need to know whether the Government will ratify the ESM treaty if the country votes no to the fiscal treaty.


Is this payback time for RTÉ?

In every healthy democracy, there should be a tension between the body politic and the media.