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Warwickshire master Leitrim

Warwickshire secured a deserved win over their hosts in Saturday’s Lory Meagher Cup clash in Ballinamore.

Ruairi Wendel’s goal before the break turned the tide in the visitors’ favour with the English outfit enjoying a 2-9 to 1-6 interval advantage.

Leitrim led for just two minutes in the first half after their top marksman Clement Cunniffe goaled in the 16th minute. In an even second half Warwickshire’s Mike Ivors impressed.

Scorers for Warwickshire: M Ivors (0-9, 4f) E McCabe 1-1, R Wendel 1-0, K Courtney 0-2(1f), D Sheehy, C Beehan 0-1 each.

Scorers for Leitrim: C Cunniffe 1-7 (6f), N McLoughlin, K McGrath, Z Moradi 0-1 each.

WARWICKSHIRE: M Cremin; R Wedel, B Griffith, K Boxell, J Bergin, D Neylon, C Brough; A Morrisey, J O’Dwyer; C Behan, C Maskey, D Sheedy; E McCabe, K Courtney, M Ivors. Subs: S Bough for Griffith (44), N McNamee for O’Dwyer (62).

LEITRIM: T McLoughlin; S McTiernan, V McDermott; P Clerkin; P McManus, S Feeney, K McGrath; D Poniard, M Quinn; M O’Donoghue, K Boyle, Z Moradi, M Dolan, C Cunniffe, M Poniard. Subs: N McLoughlin for Quinn, P Clancy for McTiernan (both 25), K Clerkin for Dolan (64).

Referee: C. Brown (Galway).