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Selling RTÉ would be a bright spot in the gloom

OUR government has really messed things up, haven’t they? They started out with a country about to go into a boom.

Now some 15 years later they are handing us back a country brought to the brink of bankruptcy,

Now the Government is considering flogging off the remaining family silver: the ESB, An Post, Bord Gais and RTÉ.

But in all the gloom there is one bright note. If they go ahead with the sale of RTÉ there will no longer be a national broadcaster and so the provisions of the 1960 Broadcast Act whereby RTÉ is part-funded by the licence fee will no longer apply.

Therefore, at least a 50% reduction in the licence fee and a saving of perhaps €80 to almost every hard-pressed household in the country.

Nick Folley
Co Cork