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Criminals should lose right to hold passport

PAT RABBITE’S call for passports to be withdrawn from tax evaders was interesting, bizarrely though he does not make the same call on criminals.

If passports, driving licences and phone accounts were to be withdrawn from known repeat offenders; people with three or more convictions, for set periods of years, it would drive a wedge between them, how they operate and the effect they have on society.

Gone then would be the international travel, the holidays in the sun, the setting up of deals and hits. Sure they could use other ways; fakes, stolen or others, but this would put them permanently on offer and proper police work and checks would snare them again and again.

Those who educate themselves, obey the law, seek work and live decently should have state protection, those who walk away from the social contract should lose all entitlements. Our liberal politicians will grit their teeth and side step this but in a real democracy the majority should have the call.

Eoin White
Custom Hall
Lower Gardiner Street
Dublin 1