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Sting in the tail as new arrivals give jealous cat some paws for thought

SO FAR, the score is one Waterford Glass tumbler, two plates and a cereal bowl.


WikiLeaks and society - Shining a light in our dark corners

GOVERNMENT and private sector power-brokers who have recognised the challenge posed by organisations like WikiLeaks and Cryptome are probably appalled by the publication of classified documents on the Afghan war.


Asylum seekers - System is far too slow

THERE have been suggestions that Ireland is deliberately slow in processing applications from those who seek refugee status.



Selling RTÉ would be a bright spot in the gloom

OUR government has really messed things up, haven't they? They started out with a country about to go into a boom.


Government is helping carers

I AM responding to your editorial and associated articles in relation to carers in your July 29 edition.


Criminals should lose right to hold passport

PAT RABBITE'S call for passports to be withdrawn from tax evaders was interesting, bizarrely though he does not make the same call on criminals.


Brought to book

THE racing festival season is upon us again.


We must claim wealth from oil revenue

YOUR article on the oil and gas industry in Ireland (July 26) has given some exposure to the wealth off our shores, but is sorely misinformed as to who stands to benefit from it.