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Unemployment crisis - We need coherent policies

The Government set up a task force in January of this year to tackle unemployment. It consists of officials from a number of Government departments, along with nominees from various elements of the social partnership.


Morning Ireland - All should take a bow

Congratulations to RTÉ's Morning Ireland, which today celebrates 25 years on the air. It is a great achievement for any radio show to last that long, but in this case it is a phenomenal triumph because it has established itself as an important and vibrant source of news for a great many people.


Lack of accountability is the real scandal in Anglo Irish fiasco

POLITICAL and other spin doctors know how to manage a crisis. The critical factor is to hang on. They believe virtually all news media cycles are "nine-day wonders".



Book-burning 'morality' at the root of our ills?

THE ongoing media exposure of virtually every agency of church and state, revealing a shambles of ineptitude, dishonesty and wrongdoing, is indicative of a country whose morality in high places is confined to feathering one's own nest, blowing one's own trumpet and protecting one's own party or institution at any cost.


Media line on the public sector is disgraceful

THE media's role in softening up the public sector and those on welfare has been a disgrace. The Comptroller and Auditor General, and the Central Statistics Office are duty-bound to follow political dictates, but the media are joining the fray with one-eyed abandon.


Class distinction in the school system

IN relation to the recent controversy about relating to Protestant schools I have a different perspective on this sensitive subject.


Public servants will strike — and strike hard — until politicians wake up and get the message

WHEN will your editorial writers give up attacking public sector workers and unions as if they were responsible for what has happened to the economy?