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Debt the only solution for SIPTU members

MIGHT I be allowed to propose a simple solution to the Gordian knot that confronts the Government and to which SIPTU’s proposed response is a national strike?

SIPTU wants to retain or increase the pay of its public sector members, while the government points out that it already has to borrow hundreds of millions every week and can’t continue to pay even current rates. SIPTU threatens to strike, attempting to hold the country to ransom in an irrational and arithmetically impossible attempt to preserve its public sector members’ incomes.

However, I have a solution. SIPTU’s public sector members should themselves simply borrow the money to pay the portion of their salaries that the Government has to stop paying if we’re to have any hope of avoiding bankruptcy.

Everyone’s needs are fulfilled. SIPTU gets to keep living in la-la land. SIPTU’s public sector members get to retain their salaries and to end up in the kind of vast debt that’s the unavoidable outcome of their plan. They get to impoverish their children and grandchildren, but without inflicting it on everyone else.

Hugh Sheehy
Sandymount, Dublin 4