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Health accountability - It is time we were all outraged

WE have learnt how powerless we are when international financiers loot and pillage like privateers rather than bankers worthy of trust or respect.


Gung-ho champions of free market are on the run at home and abroad

WHAT a week of irony. The Progressive Democrats finally decided to fold up their tents and at the same time the world's leading exponents of the free market all begged and pleaded for state intervention.


Budget challenge - Coming days may define Cowen era

THE Sunday Business Post poll showing a 4% fall in Fianna Fáil support — to 36% — would normally mean an especially early reveille for the Soldiers of Destiny at their Lower Mount Street headquarters but such are the challenges facing Taoiseach Cowen and his colleagues that they cannot afford to spend too long dwelling on this poor report card.


Confronting suicide - Taboo tag costs lives

IRISH suicide rates have been at a dreadfully high level for a number of years, yet, because it is such a heartbreaking event surrounded by so much pain and unjustified guilt, we push it to the edge of our consciousness.


What we need are ideas, action, pride and something to believe in

All politicians are losers. Who, other than a born loser, would go into a business where everybody insults you, every journalist tells you what to do, (based on no personal experience whatever) and gloats when you fail to do it, make a mistake, get fat or are clocked speeding?



Why should PAYE worker subsidise tycoons' kids?

THE time is here when educationalists and politicians of all parties should objectively consider the reintroduction of third-level fees for students of the wealthier sector.


Once is enough

THANKS to the arguments presented by the politicians of all our major parties I decided to vote yes to Lisbon.


Gas pipes everywhere — so why the protest?

I WISH someone would explain exactly what the Corrib gas pipeline protest is about.


Sarah Palin has to be twice as good as any man to overcome media bias

YOUR report from Mira Oberman (September 13) on the Sarah Palin interview by ABC's Charles Gibson manages to inject an extraordinary degree of misleading and condescending comment regarding the performance of the Republican vice-presidential nominee.