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Rip-off restaurants set for festive bonanza

SINCE the Celtic Tiger, and latterly the smoking ban, more and more people are opting for a meal out with partner or friends as an alternative to a night in the pub. The attraction of meal in a nice restaurant is having good conversation, food and wine in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

While some restaurants provide this, unfortunately many do not. In most cases the food is rushed with just minutes between courses. Diners often find themselves back out on the street a little over one hour after they sat down, feeling bloated and ripped off.

Also at this time of year, companies are trying to make reservations for Christmas parties only to find most restaurants offer just two hours for a meal and a few celebratory drinks so that sittings per table are maximised.

Restaurant-owners would do well to note how our European counterparts treat their customers. This greed makes increased profits in the short term, but can only have a negative impact on how these ‘fast food’ restaurants are perceived in the long term.

Richard Leahy
28 Daffodil Fields
Co Cork